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From The Heart FREE Webinar

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Channeled Webinars

Experience a live gathering! Join a 3 or 4 week Channeled Webinar Series, on various topics that my guides have indicated are relevant, timely, and in alignment with your spiritual evolution and the ascension of the Earth. These sessions are a wonderful way to watch me channel live and experience the sacred vibrations anchoring.
I offer a short presentation sharing my guidance and love followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. There is time for inner exploration, followed by sharing and Q & A period.
A Channeled Webinar Series allows you to enjoy and experience the power, upliftment and benefits of meditating in a group, connecting your energy and focus with others.
Most webinars are 1h 30mins. Your identity remains private during the Webinars. You can join at any time during the series as you will be given recording links to the sessions you have missed.