The Over Lighting Project


Minimum Donation: £60.00

Would you love to learn how to awaken and distribute Creator Wisdom to the world?

Do you wish you could attend spiritual meetings on the Inner Planes with the Ascended Masters and Star Beings?

Do you wish you could access wisdom, light and energy that is beyond anything you have dreamt of embodying?

In this 6 session webinar series I will channel Andromedans and Master Keyom as they transport you to the Orientation Chamber within the main Andromedan Ascension Chambers on the inner planes to attend the Over Lighting Project. This Project is designed to support a transition of light on all dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. You are invited to be an integral part of the Over Lighting Project on the Earth and the inner planes, while experiencing a personal shift within your being.

The Andromedans and the Master of Energy Template Work Master Keyom will guide your experience while introducing you to new Ascended Masters and Celestial Beings ready to meet and work with you. Master Keyom will guide you in using Energy Template work to aid the transition of high vibrational light as well as sharing other skills. New Masters will support by sharing tools that you can use to create a very personal shift with the major universe ascension shift taking place.

Each year as the Earth moves from one calendar year into the next this aligns with shifts and transitions occurring on the inner planes, allowing humanity to take time to open and receive the current ascension boosts and illuminations activating. The inner planes are moving into a powerful cycle called Over Lighting, where higher supreme vibrations of the Creator are available to access. This means that the Creator is supporting all beings in accessing wisdom, light and energy that they have only dreamt of embodying. Anything and everything is available for you to access and experience. This is a unique boost and empowerment that creates a powerful alignment within your being, offering you the opportunity to access the Creator’s vibrations and wisdom in a new way. Thus, you will experience Over Lighting while guiding the world to experience the Over Lighting of the Creator. This work is a continuation of the New Earth Ascension Template and the Master Light Pillars anchored in 2020 and 2021.

This series will support you in playing your part in the current ascension shifts taking place, acting as a facilitator for the ascension of the Earth, delving deep into the details and experiences of Over Lighting and being Over Lighted by higher frequencies, and supporting the awakening and distribution of Creator Wisdom to the World. Learn how to Over Light and be Over Lighted in a safe manner that inspires Creator awakening for all.

Join me and be a part of the powerful ascension shift taking place now on the inner planes and for the Earth. As you support the transition of light into the world to continue the development of a new world and new vibration for all.

How it Works:

You will receive links to gather online at a time that suits you, with Natalie Glasson channeling the Andromedans and the Master of Energy Template Work Master Keyom.

Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations, practices and inner exploration.

INVESTMENT DONATION: £60 for all 6 Sessions

Minimum donation for the 6 session course is £60, if you can and wish to invest more you are welcome to choose any sum that feels appropriate to you. All donations are gratefully received and support the ongoing channeled material and meditations available.

If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all. When we work together we can change the vibration of the Earth to create a reality of love for all.


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