Presence: The Next Initiation by Archangel Michael

Presence: The Next Initiation by Archangel Michael. This energy we label presence, it is your presence, it is the Creator present within your being
It is an abundant blessing to be in connection with you, to observe within your being an essence, a truth and knowingness. This energy we label presence, it is your presence, it is the Creator present within your being. This energy of presence, the Creator present within your being is active, in action and motion. It is your gift that you can give to others.
You have an inner presence that is all knowing, that is divine and sacred. When you radiate this inner presence, you shower others in blessings and gifts. It is like the most healing, the most uplifting, the most truthful expression of your being. When you share this energy, truthfully and openly, others will respond to you by sharing their own inner presence, and this goes beyond the ego, the chattering of the mind, the wounds of the emotions or the emotional body. This is the truth, it is the way you were designed to exist, the way you are designed to connect with others, it is a beautiful expression of yourself that is immensely fulfilling for you, and for all beings. Not only is the purpose of your presence to be radiated outwards to connect with all other beings and aspects of the Creator, it is for you to use this presence, to be present with other beings.
Many beings speak of being present. The way, I, Archangel Michael speak of being present is that you exist with other beings radiating your presence. Yes, you are present with that being, your entire being is in communication with that other soul, that other person or energy. You are responsive, you are sharing energy, you are gifting energy, you are receiving energy. You are constantly aware of what is occurring within your being, the reactions that occur and the actions that you feel inspired to create. When you allow yourself to be present with another being, or to be in the presence of your essence, while in the space of another being, this is immensely powerful. It is an immensely powerful initiation because you are connecting with yourself on a deeper level. You are connecting with others on a deeper level, and in truth this is what all souls yearn for on the Earth.
There are many expressions such as loneliness, suffering and pain, these can be healed. They can be in many ways rectified or rebalanced when you are in presence with yourself and in presence with another being and even more so, when they are in presence with you. It is so much more than just being present, just observing yourself and others. You are observing yourself and others from the space of your inner presence, if you like your inner divinity, your inner expression of the Creator.
Gaining mastery in this way will allow you to see yourself and the entire reality around you in a completely different manner. The Illusions, the challenges, the aspects, the stuff that seems to block you dissolves and what remains is the truth. It is clarity predominantly, a clarity and clearness of self and others. This process will allow you to become more sensitive to yourself and more sensitive to others around you. Therefore, a greater channel of the Creator’s light.
When you are in your presence, you are in your power, you are connected to your inner truth. If there are challenging situations in your reality, something that confuses you, there is a need to be in your presence with yourself, the situation and anyone else involved in that situation. From this space of presence and radiating outwards your inner presence, the clarity, enlightenment, and illumination will dawn.
You may ask how do you connect with your inner presence and how is it different from your divine self, your higher self or your soul?
When you connect with your inner presence, you are connecting with the aspect of yourself that is present with the Creator, present with the entire universe of the Creator, present with every ascension shift, and present with every being of light. You have an awareness of all that is the Creator and it’s from that awareness of all that is the Creator that you experienced the vibration of your presence. It is not a thought-form, it’s not even a being, it’s the vibration of your presence and your presence is your natural amazing ability to be aware of and in connection with all aspects of the Creator on all levels and dimensions of the Creator’s universe and across the world. You may liken, and or label this to oneness.
You may understand that when you connect with your inner presence, you are connecting with oneness and this is true. It is an easy way to understand your inner presence. If you imagine your inner presence as connected to everything and aware of everything, your mind, your consciousness automatically expands, and you enter into that state of immense expansion bringing it to your reality by connecting with yourself. Being aware of yourself and being aware of another being, letting yourself relax in your inner presence and there is something to explore, and sense. It can be challenging to locate and understand with the mind, but if you have the intention of connecting with your inner presence, that aspect of yourself that is aware of all aspects of the Creator, it can be like you are  observing and connecting with all aspects of the Creator. You then enter into a space of immense liberation, consciousness, and awareness of truth and it’s through the experience of that, even if it is only for a moment, you will find yourself more able to be present with yourself and others. You will recognise the magic of your inner presence and how when you are willing to be in the space of your inner presence in certain times in your reality and with certain people, it is as if magic occurs. Connecting with your presence is important now as we step into our power due to the current ascension shifts. The direction or pathway of stepping into your power and presence will allow you to enjoy life and your spiritual growth. It will feel like a space of sanctuary, a sanctuary that you can bring to yourself and that you can bring to other beings.
This is what I, Archangel Michael, wish to share with you. It may take time to integrate into your conscious awareness and to experiment to achieve. However, it is something that you are capable of and able to achieve.
I, Archangel Michael, wish to support you in achieving it. Imagine it almost like a game that you can enjoy. You are more likely to succeed if you do not put too much pressure on yourself.
In love and truth always,

I am Archangel Michael, thank you.

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