How to Remain Balanced in Times of Uncertainty by the Arcturians

Greetings and love, we the Arcturians extend to your being now.
We envelop you in the stars of the Universe of the Creator, surrounding you in blazing light, to support your ascension and spiritual journey upon the Earth. Allow yourself to inhale the light of these many stars as they fill you with the Creator’s sacred qualities, everything that you need and require is within your being. There is always light that you can draw upon, especially from the stars in the Universe of the Creator. Although the entire Universe of the Creator exists within your being, you can imagine the stars of the Universe of the Creator surrounding you almost like fireflies radiating and emanating light into your being, allowing you to bathe in the most glorious, nourishing light of the Creator.
As you ascend all those around you ascend and Mother Earth. This can create times of uncertainty where you might feel off balance, or misaligned with yourself, with others, with the Earth, or even the Creator. You may experience separation, or a misunderstanding, when you feel uncertainty within your being, it is often that this is mirrored into your reality causing you to feel uncertainty with greater power and strength within. This cycle can build until you lose focus on who you are, your power, and your sacred abilities.
In times of uncertainty, it is important to first recognise that you feel uncertain, unbalanced or confused. When you recognise that this is the space that you are experiencing and that it is integrating into your reality, it is the first stage of acceptance. There may be a need to accept that many in the world are feeling uncertain and this is creating a wider reality for all, causing doubt or fear. With acceptance of the uncertainty within your being, you are able to move forth to bring yourself into balance. We invite you to sit in the energy of uncertainty.
What does it feel like?
What colour do you recognise?
What words come forth?
How does it impact your physical body?
How does it impact your physical reality?
As you recognise this, we the Arcturians invite you to breathe deeply into all that you discover. You may experience the energy climaxing and then releasing somewhat, shifting and changing into something different. We invite you to focus upon this until you experience an upliftment or insight. If you find that you are unable to move through the energy and access the insight, then you may wish to try again another day or invite your guides forward to support you and offer healing.
Continuing, we the Arcturians wish to invite you to imagine that you are the Creator, because you are the Creator of your own reality. Imagine you are the Creator, the source of All That Is, you have all of the qualities, all of the abilities, everything that you need and desire to support you in your reality upon the Earth and to support others as well.
In this situation of uncertainty as the Creator, what qualities do you believe would most assist a transformation?
As you access the different Creator qualities that will support a transformation in uncertainty and bring forth balance within your being, you are creating an energy, a healing energy that supports you. You are activating an inner remembrance and sacred vibrations to come forth and flood your being. Take time to evaluate the qualities that would be most successful in transforming the situation of uncertainty into balance. It could be the quality of peace, of love, courage, tenderness, empathy, calmness, vibrancy, or action. As you recognise these qualities, begin to imagine them blossoming within your being, creating a ball or a cocoon of light around you that is filled with these sacred qualities. Let it flow throughout every aspect of your being.
Sit within this vibration, these sacred qualities, this activated energy from within your being. Feel it’s soothing, healing, uplifting your entire being. Feel yourself becoming aware of your feet, the ground beneath you and the energy flowing into Mother Earth. Recognise how it flows into her centre and cascades in all directions. It also cascades from your being in all directions and especially to situations of uncertainty. This sacred synthesis of light and Creator qualities supports the outcome of balance. As the qualities of the Creator synthesis they become a tonic, and a healing balm. When you feel uncertain or out of balance, confused or chaotic you can think of this sacred synthesis of energy, filling yourself up with it and allowing it to cascade out in all directions. You will feel more centred and balanced, this will impact the reality that you’re creating and the reality around you.
To finish this process, we invite you to seek deep within your heart or higher heart chakra to discover your soul and a seed of light. The seed of light holds the energy of being balanced, grounded, powerful, able to access and use the skills and abilities of your being. Imagine, sense, acknowledge that this seed grows, maybe it grows into a tree or the most beautiful flower, a bush or a fruitful plant. Watch and imagine it growing within your being. Notice how its roots are very long, strong and grounded into the Earth. It is radiant, able to stand tall and powerfully. This growth from the seed is you, your energy, your qualities, your ability to remain balanced whatever occurs within or around you.
In times of uncertainty, you know that you can impact your being and reality in a very powerful way that will create transformation and bring forth balance. Not only for you but for others as well. We, the Arcturians, are present to support you in any and every moment. You may simply call upon our energies to be with you.
We love you, dearly, we thank you.

We are the Arcturians.

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