How To Feel More Connected by the Arcturians 

Greetings, we are the Arcturians, we come forth with our love, wisdom and light to share with you in this moment. We wish to encourage a deeper connection with all that is the Creator so that you may feel more grounded into the Earth, into your reality, into your existence, your life, and your spiritual growth. So you may feel more grounded in your relationships, in your creations and your abilities upon the Earth. When you feel more grounded in all that you are and all that you do you feel safe, you experience freedom, freedom of expression. You experience the Divine flow cascading through your being, and most importantly, you feel more connected.   
We can imagine the world being more grounded and more connected. Take a moment to realise how this would transform every being upon the Earth, if they felt more anchored into their realities, into their beings and into their spiritual growth, also into their relationships and abilities to manifest their dreams. When you are more anchored you are more able to be present. You allow illusions to fall away. You are able to think with clarity, and you are able to recognise the truth, the truth in all matters. That which we are sharing with you today is not only appropriate for you, but for every being upon the Earth. Simply contemplating what we are sharing allows a calmness within your being, a calmness to be experienced by many upon the Earth. As you approach each other with calmness, it is so much easier to connect. With connection comes a feeling of unity, of belonging, again safety. 
We first wish to share that there is a need to contemplate anchoring/grounding into all that you are and all that you experience, and this can simply be a conscious process where you ask, you state, or you affirm that you are grounded into your reality, into your being, into Mother Earth, into your existence, into anything and everything that you can think of. You will find that instantly you will feel more connected. 
When we contemplate feeling more connected, the first question that comes forth is what or who do you wish to feel more connected with? The easy answer is to say that you wish to feel more connected with the Creator and this may be the truth. However, there are so many different aspects of yourself and others. It is important to be clear in your attention, and in your intention because when you are clear, the connection, the alignment occurs simply and easily. You may feel as if there is a need to connect with the Creator more, but actually it might be that there is a need to connect with self or with soul, or with body. 
You may wish to ask yourself are there any parts of your being or your reality that you are ignoring that will allow you to recognise where connection is required. Again, with your intention, you can ask to connect with all the different aspects of your being, your body, your soul, and the Creator. Allowing this intention to come forth and then allowing yourself to be in a space of receiving the connection.
This brings us to the next stage of how to feel more connected. It is to allow yourself to receive the connection. It is often that many souls and people reject the one thing that they desire. Some wish to be loved, but find it challenging to love self, it can be the same with connection. You wish for a connection and yet you resist it. It is important to allow yourself to be open to receive all forms of connection. When you create this intention the universe responds, the Creator responds and begins to send you some beautiful energies and vibrations. Connecting you to those energies and vibrations, reminding you of your connection that is always present and allowing you to experience it fully. The most important thing for you in that moment is to allow yourself to experience fully, to receive, to accept, to embody, knowing that it is safe to do so and will only support you.
When we are contemplating this topic, another question comes to mind. 
What do you expect when you talk about connection? For example, connection with yourself, what would that look like? What would that feel like? How would it manifest in your reality? 
It’s the same with connection with other people. Maybe you feel that you cannot connect with like-minded people. If you did, what would it look like? What would it feel like? How would you experience it in your reality? 
And again, with the Creator, if you wish to connect on a deeper level with the Creator, what would it look like? How would you experience it? What would it feel like? It is not that your answer is correct or even set in stone because you will experience what is most appropriate for you. By asking the questions and exploring for yourself, you open yourself up to new experiences of connection. It is often when you discover what connection is that you realise that you have been experiencing the complete opposite in your reality and that allows for a transformation to take place. 
It is important to be aware that most transformations are instigated from your thought forms, from the realisations, the dawning, the understanding, the enlightenment within your mind. The more that you explore, discover, ask yourself questions, invite yourself to be adventurous. Then, you begin to open yourself up to receive new understandings, new energies, new activations, and new ascension. When you have an enlightened thought or a realisation, it changes the energy system of your being completely, there is a major transformation. It allows certain blocks to be released, certain beliefs to be released, and then upliftment in energy. It is important to be aware that often insights within the thought process, do not necessarily come from thinking hard, but come from asking questions and taking time to be present, to meditate, to be aware or observant. 
An example of this could be, you might sit in front of a river and ask a question, such as how fast does the river flow? Who is present within the river, or maybe even what colour is the river? It can be any form of question. As you observe the river and it’s in your observation after the question that allows the answers, the understanding, and the enlightenment to be gained because you create space for it, and you observed. You are ready, you are open to receive and when you are open to receive, everything that you need and require is gifted to you. 
There is always a need for a deeper connection. It is something that you can contemplate throughout your entire ascension process on the Earth. We will say that many seek connection with the Creator, and this is appropriate and necessary. However, connection with everything that you are and everything around you, the reality that you exist within is also essential and can actually bring you closer to the Creator because the Creator is within everything and everyone. 
We invite you in the coming days to explore your connection. Allowing yourself to receive fully. 

We are the Arcturians, We love you deeply and thank you. 

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