Forgiving the World to Heal Yourself by Archangel Metatron

Greetings, beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I am Archangel Metatron.
What a joy it is to be in your presence and to participate in the Ascension journey unfolding in every moment of your reality. It is in this communication with you that I, Archangel Metatron wish to speak with you about healing yourself by forgiving the world around you. In order to achieve this, we first must realise that you are the Creator of everything around you. You are also the Creator of everything within you, your thoughts, your emotions, and so forth. The reality that you experience from day-to-day is born from your inner energies. This includes the way you perceive yourself and others, the thoughts that you energise, the wounds that are not yet healed, the emotions that you activate, your soul’s purpose and destiny in your Ascension journey, your inner energy is unique and sacred. Even what you might perceive as negative aspects within your being, these are also sacred.
Everything within your being synthesises to create the reality that you experience around you, attracting people, situations, scenarios into your reality to serve and to act as a reflection for the inner energy you hold. As you take responsibility for your inner energy and how it synthesises to create your outer reality. Then you begin to realise that healing can take place through how you interact with your outer energy, as well as your inner energy. In truth, the more you are able to forgive the outer reality, the more this will create a new energy, new activations within your being and cause a healing that supports the release of challenging energies.
You may wonder what you could forgive in your outer reality? Maybe there are loved ones and their actions that require forgiveness. Forgiveness may be needed regarding the way the world is being run, circumstance in your own country or another country, the actions of others towards people or animals, or it could be restrictions you recognise in your life. The way to recognise where forgiveness is needed, is to investigate the world and recognise what you disagree with.

What do you dislike?

What causes reactions within your being of sadness, upset, chaos, or conflict?
You can seek in your local reality or further afield, something that you are experiencing or that you are observing. When you recognise all these areas within your local reality or further afield, you are recognising opportunities to emanate your forgiveness, and in doing so as you emanate your forgiveness you switch your vibration to higher frequencies. You connect with your soul; you connect with your soul group and the Creator. You become aligned to the divine, you allow the divine frequencies to flow through you. As you express gratitude, you begin to see, sense and acknowledge the world around you differently. You are actually changing your perspective, offering to yourself greater enlightenment and understanding, not only to discover what is really happening, but also to recognise a greater form of enlightenment.
It is often in your reality that something that requires forgiveness, is an area where you do not wish to give forgiveness? However, if you can cultivate the energy of forgiveness within your being and radiated forgiveness out as a frequency, this will support you in dealing with that situation, coming to see it in a new light.
Awakening and gaining understanding of the message from within your being. Awakening the healing that is required for yourself and others, while anchoring the Divine Creator.
It is often in those areas where you resist forgiveness that forgiveness is required. If you begin to allow the forgiveness energy to flow from your being without directing it to anyone or anything specifically simply letting it flow, you begin to embody the energy of forgiveness. You begin to understand its meaning, its purpose, how it impacts your being, and the healing that is required. Then you can begin to focus your energy and your mind to a certain situation, person or experience, allow the same forgiveness energy to flow. It is important to realise that mentally you do not have to forgive at this stage. You may resist forgiveness and yet, you can still share the vibration of forgiveness. This will create a bridge of light where energy can be worked through and resolved.
The more that you achieve this process the more you will begin to peel back the layers within you, within the person or the situation. You will begin to notice and understand yourself and the person or situation in a new light. Thus, you will enter into a space where you can truly forgive, and with that forgiveness will come understanding and action. Action could be things that you can do to support this process, to support the forgiveness, a new connection and to support your own healing and growth.
This is something that I, Archangel Metatron and the Angelic Kingdom are supporting at this time. We invite you as light beacons upon the Earth to gaze into your reality, to gaze into the world around, and the situations that are occurring. Share your energy of forgiveness. If you are unable to radiate the energy of forgiveness, you can simply say, ‘I forgive you.’ At first you may not mean it, but if you repeat the statement, it will be like the most delicious healing liquid that melts and seeps into your being and washes away the blockages, and the limitations, allowing you to see with crystal-clear clarity.
Imagine if everyone on the world was looking at the world with forgiveness, even if they don’t at first mean it, this doesn’t matter. Imagine if everyone was willing to gaze at the world around them with the eyes, the heart, the vibration of forgiveness. How this would change the world, how it would change your inner world as well as promoting such beautiful healing, a healing that generates liberation and freedom.
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to sit and to contemplate my words. Activate the vibration of forgiveness within your being, all you need to do is think of the energy of forgiveness or think of a time when you forgave another or yourself. You may wish to think of what the energy of forgiveness is, what colour, sound or image represents forgiveness to you. However, you activate this energy within you, let yourself breathe it out into the world.
As you are forgiving the world around you, so you are forgiving yourself within and vice versa.
We love you unconditionally and we thank you.

I am Archangel Metatron.

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