Feeling Lost – An Ascension Phase by the Arcturians

Greetings and love we extend to you now; we are the collective energy and consciousness of the Arcturians.
We wish to bring forth information as well as guidance of how to overcome an ascension phase with tools, skills, and sacred spaces that we wish to share with you and remind you of. Many of you may be feeling lost in your current reality. You may feel as if you don’t quite know what to do with your reality, your life, or even your ascension purpose. You may feel as if you have a dream or a desire and simply cannot understand how to make it happen, to experience it in your reality. Your dream, desire, or goal may feel impossible to manifest and therefore you might feel completely lost not knowing what to do. You might have a spiritual or ascension goal, an ability or skill that you have been trying to awaken for some time, and yet, it feels simply impossible. You may feel lost in the presence of others, like you don’t fit in or that they don’t understand you. You might simply not be able to make a decision in your reality or maybe you don’t know which way to turn next. It could be that your reality feels so challenging that even connecting spiritually seems overwhelming, or that you are unable to.
We, the Arcturians, wish to come forth and share simply that feeling lost in any way or form is actually a phase of ascension. Please accept and somewhat celebrate that you are feeling lost, because it means that you are moving steadily and easily along your spiritual ascension journey, and although it may not feel easy at this time, you are in fact, evolving and developing. This moment of feeling lost allows you to become aware that there is something beautiful, a learning and understanding, a remembrance waiting for you to acknowledge it. There is a healing that is ready to take place, a release of energies and boundaries that you are about to step through. Although you may feel lost in all areas of your reality or just one or two, there is some joy, some comfort that can be gained by understanding that this is an ascension phase is a journey of exploration that will allow you to blossom with greater joy, understanding, truth and love. If you are able to accept this comfort through understanding, then it will make it easier for you to recognise what needs to be gained, understood or accepted in order for you to move through and release these feelings of being lost. Empowering your being, therefore, feeling more certain, focused, grounded, and with greater understanding of yourself and your own spiritual journey.
We, the Arcturians, wish to support this phase of ascension by offering some tools that you can use to further awaken the inspiration, understanding or new perspective that is needed and required. We wish to invite you to visit the Arcturian Sanctuary for Healing and Remembrance. This is a space of special ashrams, sacred spaces on the inner planes within our Arcturian consciousness. It consists of three ashrams. The first is the Arcturian Ashram of Commitment. The second is the Arcturian Ashram of Strength and the third is the Arcturian Ashram of Purity. When you ask to be transported to these three ashrams you begin a journey of integration with the Arcturian energies and your own sacred soul.

Arcturian Ashram of Commitment

When you enter into the Arcturian Ashram of Commitment you enter into the energy of clarity, of being grounded, focusing on what is needed and appropriate, remaining connected to yourself and the Creator at all times. You might say that this energy of commitment is almost the opposite to feeling lost. As you allow and invite us, the Arcturians, to transport you to the Ashram of Commitment, you may breathe deeply and absorb the energies of the space. You may hold within your awareness where you are feeling lost, and how you are feeling. As you breathe in the Arcturian energies of commitment, you will receive healing, boundaries, and blockages will be drawn to your attention or released, and you may emerge feeling more committed to yourself. You may feel more loyal, dedicated to yourself, your Ascension, the Creator, while also finding a solution of feeling lost. We are not indicating that you are not committed because we know that you are, but this word describes an energy that brings focus and connection, and this is an essential way to begin this journey. We invite you to experience this ashram as many times as you wish.

Arcturian Ashram of Strength

When you feel ready, you may ask us the Arcturians as a collective consciousness to transport you to the Ashram of Strength. You may breathe deeply surrounded by this energy. You may wish to still hold the focus of feeling lost within your awareness. This may have changed after your time in the Commitment Ashram or maybe it is the same. It is for you to follow your own guidance. In the Arcturian Ashram of Strength, every part of your being is strengthened. Your connection with the Creator, your connection with self, your sacred abilities, and your chakras are strengthened with light. All positive loving aspects of your being or Creator aspects of your being are empowered, boosted, and nurtured. This ashram is like experiencing a high, it fills you with joy, with ecstasy, with bliss. You feel committed, you feel strong, empowered, able to achieve anything and yet there is a grounding with it, a humbleness, a sense of gratitude for all that you have and all that you are. You may experience this ashram once or many times.

Arcturian Ashram Ashram of Purity

The third ashram is the Ashram of Purity. If the area where you felt lost still remains or has transformed, altered or changed slightly, then you can take this awareness into the Ashram of Purity. This ashram is where there is high vibrational light, you may feel as if you are surrounded by multi coloured balls of light. This energy could also be likened to the vibration of simplicity. Bringing you back to the simplicity of your being, your soul, your purpose, and your connection with the Creator. Allowing you to understand the actions or the healing that is required in a very simple way. Your energy will be purified, it will sparkle like a diamond. It will promote healing and activations. There will be a sense of recognising the simplicity of life and your purpose, and if you haven’t already gained inspiration as to how to move through this phase of feeling lost in your ascension it is often within the Ashram of Purity that this inspiration and wisdom begins to dawn.
It is possible to visit these three ashrams in one single meditation. It is for you to understand your inner guidance as to if this is appropriate for you.
You can also invite these ashrams to channel their energy into your being as one ashram or even all three during your day to achieve, attune, and align yourself so that their energy flows through you supporting natural activations and evolution that allows you to move through this phase of feeling lost.
You can ask for these energies to be with you throughout the day or throughout your sleep state. It is for you to follow your inner guidance.
You have the answers, the understandings, the perspectives that are required within your being to move through this phase of Ascension.
We, the Arcturians with our sacred ashrams, are simply offering tools for you to access your inner knowledge and remembrance. We are always present to be of service to you, to guide and assist, support and empower you.
We love you, and we thank you.

We are the Arcturians.

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