Determine Your Truth by Celestial White Beings

Greetings magnificent beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings.
Greetings magnificent beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We come forth with our vibration of celestial bliss. It is our purpose to awaken the energy of bliss from within your being; to bring forth Creator bliss into your reality so that you may experience the love, the fulfilment, the freedom and the Divine flow of the Creator.
Today we wish to speak with you about accessing and determining your own truth.
We have a question for you that we wish for you to contemplate. When you’re asking for guidance, who do you ask for guidance? When you receive guidance, who shares this guidance with you?
Let us explain our questions further. When seeking your truth/your essence/your divine wisdom/your inner knowingness, it is important to ask within for guidance/for intuition/for confirmation. You may ask your inner presence to share with you some guidance or intuition about a certain experience, choice or decision, and you may receive your intuition/your guidance. You may gain a vision or an understanding.
We the Celestial White Beings invite you to begin to contemplate, who are you asking and who is offering the answer? This may be something that you understand completely already, or it may require some fine tuning.
When you ask for intuition or guidance within your being, are you simply asking within?
Do you ask your guides, your soul, your heart, the Creator within you?
When you are asking for guidance, do you know who you are asking, what aspect of your being?

You may know already, or it may be a journey of discovery to determine to where you are directing that question. It is the same when intuition comes. Maybe you are walking or driving or reading, and suddenly intuition comes to you. Where has that intuition come from?

Did it come from your soul, soul group, the Creator?
Did it come from your ego or your emotions?
Was it a random thought in your mind?
What were you experiencing emotionally when you gained that insight or that intuition?
We are bringing these questions to you and inviting you to contemplate asking for intuition and receiving intuition. We wish for you to fine tune your energies and your alignment so that you know exactly what aspect of your being you are asking for guidance, and which aspect of your being is offering the guidance, so that when a thought enters your mind, you know precisely that it is from a divine source that serves you, rather than your emotional body or your mental body or mind.
It is also important to acknowledge that when you ask and when you receive, your state of being is also important. If you are concerned or worried or anxious, this will also influence your question more, and your receiving of intuition. If you are at peace or accessing a vibration of peace, then you are more likely to receive information and guidance that will serve you.
There is no wrong or right answer to who you are asking and who is sharing the intuition with you, however, we wish to create a purer, clearer alignment and a greater knowingness within you so that when you receive guidance or when you are asking for guidance, you are receiving the highest potential for your being and your reality.
In this way, you can begin a journey allowing yourself to determine to bring forth a focus as to where you’re directing questions; from what space you are directing them from within your being, and from where the guidance is flowing.
This will be a process of trial and error as you begin to explore and discover. You might realise that you have been talking to your mind, or you might realise that you have been talking to the Creator within you. You might need to switch things and realign. You might need to contemplate, what is the best energy and the highest potential energy for me to connect with in order to ask questions and gain guidance?
As you explore this within your being, you will know what feels appropriate as it will fill you with a sense of bliss/of happiness/of freedom/of ease, and you can begin to contemplate, when you do ask for guidance, why you are asking or from what space.
Are you asking because you feel fearful?
Are you asking because you feel content but you wish for confirmation?
Are you asking because you feel confused?
It may be valuable to transform those energies first. If you’re feeling confused, ask to connect with the vibration of clarity within your being. If you’re feeling fearful, ask to connect with the vibration of courage and then, from that space, begin to ask for guidance.
We invite you to contemplate, to explore, to examine, to determine and to journey.
We, the Celestial White Beings, are present to support you. We love you unconditionally.

We are the Celestial White Beings. We thank you.