A Purposeful Decision by Saint Germain

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Saint Germain.
Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Saint Germain. It is an honor to be in your presence at this time. I am overseeing the energy shifts taking place in the ascension process, currently. I am supporting connection. I am supporting openness, the shift in illusions and the development of truth. I am also supporting those upon the earth in developing purposeful decisions.
A purposeful decision is a decision or a choice that holds a purpose. It has an outcome that brings immense joy, light, love and a deeper connection with the Creator, as well as an openness of expressing the Creator through your being.
A purposeful decision comes from your soul. It bypasses the mind and even the needs and wants of the mind. It is a decision – a choice – that comes from your soul, from your essence, from the truth within you. Sometimes these decisions do not make much sense to you or you cannot understand the reason for them. However they fill you with great joy, love and truth.
A purposeful decision is a choice from the soul that is not influenced by the mind. It is also not influenced by your current situation or the reality that you’re experiencing. It is simply an energy expression from your soul that will serve you immensely.
When you begin to allow yourself to hold the intention of creating purposeful decisions, you’ll find that you wish to create purposeful decisions for each choice that requires to be made because you know that the decision, the understanding that comes forth, is born from your soul – born from an aspect of your being that holds a greater knowledge, a higher perspective, and that it is also guiding you in achieving what is appropriate and necessary for your spiritual evolution upon the earth.
To create and to allow a purposeful decision requires you to trust your inner essence, to connect with your soul or your inner essence or Creator presence, to be open to that essence or Creator presence…engaging with you, connecting with you, speaking to you…being open to receive it allowing the illusions of the past to be dissolved, meaning that opinions that you have about yourself or your reality, or situations you’ve experienced in the past, that you do not let these influence your current choice making.
The choice – the decision – comes from an essence of purity and love; you might say caring nature within your being. To create a purposeful decision does require trust.
I, Saint Germain, invite you each day, to ask to connect with your essence, your soul, your Creator presence…whatever you wish to call it…and to speak to that essence, saying that you trust the guidance and the truth of that essence within your being, even if you do not trust or you feel like your mind does not trust.
Speak to yourself in this way. Say to yourself that you trust that inner essence and its guidance and allow or ask, or hold the intention, that that essence – your soul or Creator presence – emanates into your entire being, especially flowing into your mind, filling your mind, your brain and your thoughts with light.
Simply practicing this every day will serve you in being connected and open to your inner presence and those purposeful decisions while also enhancing and developing your own inner trust. Then, when you do have a choice or a decision to make, you can practice this same technique, and then ask, what is the purposeful decision waiting to be heard, or waiting to be experienced, or waiting to be embodied – whatever feels appropriate to you?
The understanding may come in simply or it may come with time. It may simply be a feeling. When you think about something you have this feeling of knowingness within your being, even if you do not know within your mind.
Once you gain that purposeful decision, you can question it. What purpose will this create in my reality? What purpose will I experience in my reality? How does this develop my purpose – even if you do not know what your purpose is?
Focusing upon creating purposeful decisions allows you to engage with your soul, your essence, your Creator presence, on a daily basis. With time, this will naturally and automatically become a part of your being and a way of thinking so that every choice that you make – even down to the food that you eat or places that you visit and people that you see – will all be a purposeful decision.
You may not know what that purpose is – that outcome is – but your soul knows. It creates more grounding. It creates more connection, more openness and it actually dissolves illusion. You’ll find the things that you had been holding onto, that were illusions, will be dispersing.
I will leave you to contemplate this. I love you unconditionally and am present to serve you.

I am Saint Germain.