Your Journey to Power



Do you wish you could harness the power of your love to heal and activate your ascension?

Do you earn to rediscover the information you were born to experience and share on the Earth?

Do you want to know how to be in your power to make a difference to your reality and the world?

You are a magnificent powerful light being designed to achieve and experience so much more than you are currently allowing yourself to. The world is moving through an ascension shift encouraging all to discover and live as their power. In 2023 we are each being invited to harness our power and live as our truth on the Earth. It sounds magnificent, but how do we make the journey to power and where do we start?

As the Christmas period fast approaches we focus upon connecting with others, exchanging and sharing energy, but it is a wonderful time to connect with self. Whether you are busy preparing for Christmas or ignoring it completely, why not use this time wisely to nurture and explore your power so you can step into 2023 as your powerful truth. Whether you realise it or not many of your life experiences, reactions and creations are encouraging you to explore your power. Rather than resisting or battling against the current ascension initiations, instead equip yourself with wisdom, inspiration and sacred tools to navigate the rising of your power with greater ease.

You will be guided by Master Sananda, Lady Nada, Saint Germain, Lady Portia and Master Djwhal Khul. The Ascended Masters will support you in exploring how to be in the space of love within and how to develop your self love. They will invite you to delve into the presence of fear in order to create transformation inviting you to sit in your ultimate enlightenment. The Masters wish to connect you with the aspect of yourself you have been seeking, that holds the wisdom, truth and abilities you have long awaited to experience. Through this journey of facing love, fear and accessing what you were born to share with others you will step into your personal power with conscious awareness, and understand how to embark upon living powerfully in 2023.

Join me as we explore love, fear, enlightenment, truth and self realisations to be a Sacred Power Beacon on the Earth.

How It Works:

You will receive over 9 hours of channeled material delivered as downloadable Audio MP3 Files.
Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices.

Your will receive:

1. Being in Love with Yourself
2. Transforming Fear: The Ultimate Enlightenment
3. Rising of Your Inner Sun


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