Returning to Your Truth – A Transformational Reset


Minimum Donation: £50.00

Are you seeking something but can’t quite locate it within you?

Are you finding it hard to connect with your inner truth and the purest aspect of yourself?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and wish for a new beginning?

The current ascension evolution is focused upon exploring truth and power. When truth and power are synthesised an alchemy is created with an impact or transformation born. Through the discovery of your inner truth and power you have the potential to create a new beginning for yourself on all dimensions of your being that will allow for new sacred consciousness to be drawn into your being. The Reset created is born from the guidance of your soul and your own personal wishes for your ascension and life.

This can be an immensely challenging phase of ascension because we often fear our power and truth, feeling that we are unworthy of embodying the sacred essence of the Creator in a powerful way on the Earth. We are all seeking fulfilment, completion, new beginnings and transformation and yet we shy away from the truth of our being and all we are capable of.

To support you in this time of challenge, overwhelm and great potential transformation, I am offering a unique 5 week experience where I will bring forth Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia. Twin flames, Saint Germain and Portia have a unique and inspiring understanding of transformation, alchemy, the creation of new beginnings and renewal of sacred consciousness. They are waiting to guide you on an exciting journey as we focus on discovering your inner truth and power, to create a reset and a deeper embodiment of your Creator expression. We will explore why we fear power and truth, and how we can overcome our fears. We will access what is created when we stand in the purest vibration of our truth and the transformations that take place. As well as what happens when we focus our attention on returning to our original essence. Our efforts will serve our ascension and the spiritual evolution of the Earth.

Join me as we begin the New Year with a powerful reset welcoming our truth, essence, purity and inner guidance into our reality to lead the way for the year ahead.

How it Works:

Each Thursday at 3:30pm – 5pm UK time, beginning 12th January – 9th February 2023, we will gather online with Natalie Glasson channeling Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia.

Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. There is time for inner exploration, followed by an open sharing and Q & A period.

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email guiding you to reserve your space and receive the joining link for each session.

Investment Donation: £50 for all 5 weeks

Minimum donation for the 5 week course is £50, if you can and wish to invest more you are welcome to choose any sum that feels appropriate for you. All donations are gratefully received and support the ongoing channeled material and meditations available.

If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all. When we work together we can change the vibration of the Earth to create a reality of love for all.


Webinar Schedule:

  • Session 1: 12 January 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM GMT / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EST / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 2: 19 January 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM GMT / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EST / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 3: 26 January 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM GMT / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EST / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 4: 02 February 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM GMT / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EST / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 5: 09 February 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM GMT / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EST / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT


Webinar Recordings: This webinar will be recorded and sent to each attendee after the session.

Access to Webinar: If you are unable to join the live webinar but have purchased and reserved your virtual seat you will receive the recording a few hours after the session.

Permanent Access: When you login to your account you will find an updated link to the recorded webinar sessions. You will also receive an email with the recording links.


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