How to Obtain Balance by Quan Yin

Greetings, greetings beloved beings of light. I am Lady Quan Yin.
Greetings, greetings beloved beings of light. I am Lady Quan Yin. It is an honour to bring forth my peace, love and balance to you in this moment. 
Today I wish to speak of how to obtain balance and I am sharing this information because, at the moment, the Creator is encouraging each soul to access the balance vibration within their being. And because this encouragement is coming forth, many of you may be experiencing even more chaos in your being and your reality. You may experience yourself as balanced but when you step off of that energy of balance, you may find that you go from one extreme to the other – maybe an extreme of deep peace to an extreme of chaos, or maybe an extreme of deep happiness to an extreme of deep sadness. If you can imagine yourself walking a tightrope, and the tightrope is your balance, it is as if you’re falling off one side into the extreme of a positive vibration and then you jump back on your tightrope of balance and then you fall off the other side into an extreme of confusion or negativity. You may feel that you are moving through your reality in this way, experiencing extreme positivity, extreme negativity and also a beautiful state of balance. 
The Creator is inviting us all to access that balance and to remain upon our tightrope of balance for a longer period. As we allow ourselves to walk that tightrope of balance, the energy of balance that we access from within our being will flow, seep and synthesise with the rest of your being and your reality creating a positive impact of balance.
Why is balance needed? Why is balance so important?
Balance is like a sanctuary. It is a space where you can breathe. It is a space where you can connect with the truth within your being. It is also a space of healing and returning your energies into alignment with yourself and the Creator, in truth, into an alignment with everything around you as well. When you are able to access balance within your being, you are more centered, more grounded, and have a clarity or an understanding of your intuition that leads you forth, that supports you in acting and reacting in a way that serves you and guides you to greater understanding and connection with the Creator. 
Balance is actually your strength. Imagine being in chaotic surroundings and you hold the vibration of balance by accessing it within your being. Not only would this energy impact your chaotic surroundings, but you would be the only one to see the greater picture, to understand the reasons behind the chaos. You would be able to keep yourself centered, aligned – able to follow your inner guidance and instructions – and therefore you would be able to serve others, bringing them from chaos to balance.
Balance can be experienced in all areas of your being. Balance can also be a connection and often things are unbalanced because of a lack of connection, even within your physical body, some organs or aspects of your physical body can be out of balance with each other. Therefore balance is needed to be promoted so that a connection can be made once more – the divine flow can be experienced and your entire body and being can work in harmony with each other and with everything around you and everyone around you. 
You might experience an out-of-balance auric field or you might find that you are out of balance with your reality, or even with your intentions and your manifestations. You might find that there is a lack of balance in your relationships – even your relationships with food, people, animals, circumstances. There are so many areas that you can recognise balance but there are also so many areas where there is a lack of balance. 
In order to bring balance to your being, there is a need to recognise that the balance you wish to obtain is already within your being and that this balance can be accessed with an intention.  Then the balance needs to be distributed, almost like a healing balm or a gentle fragrance flowing throughout your being and it will make you aware – once you begin to allow this energy of balance to flow from within you – it will make you aware of where balance is not. When you discover where there is a lack of balance, you can pour the energy of balance from your being into that area, that circumstance, whatever it is. You can even imagine that you are collecting a jug of balance and pouring it into certain circumstances or experiences, or parts of your being, like washing and cleansing your being with balance. You can pour this jug of balance into rivers, into the roots of trees, into anywhere that feels guided. This energy will impact your being immensely. It will invite your energy to change, to shift, to transform. It is powerful, it is intense and yet it is immensely peaceful, natural and appropriate. 
I invite you to explore your own inner balance, to listen to its guidance and support new experiences of balance. 

I thank you. I am Lady Quan Yin.