How To Create New Connections by Saint Germain

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Saint Germain.
Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Saint Germain. I come forth with joy and love which I share with you today. I wish for you to know and understand that, in this stage of ascension and especially throughout 2024, the inner planes…the ascended masters, the star beings, the light beings…they are focusing upon openness and connection. Therefore, they are creating more connections throughout the inner planes and the Universe of the Creator, but also a deeper more impactful connection with their soul group and soul connections and those that are upon the earth as well.
This means that as an ascended master, I am more open, more able to connect. It’s as if the pathways have been cleared…the dimensions have been cleared…so we, you and I, can connect on a deeper level. We can explore new understandings. We can experience more intense vibrations of light and a deeper impactful experience of the Creator.
It is important to be aware of this because it means that you also can focus upon connecting with us – with light beings on the inner planes – in order to access and receive that which you need and require to aid your spiritual evolution.
It’s a moment in ascension where you can collect all that you need from us. You can call forth guides, maybe guides that you’ve connected with before or new ones, and invite them to open up their energy to you; to connect with you on a deeper level and to share what is appropriate and needed for your own ascension.
The valuable thing that is also occurring in the ascension process now is that the energy flowing from the Creator is supporting you in being more open, in your energy being softer and having more flow, and releasing boundaries or barriers. It allows you also to connect in new ways and in a deeper more impactful way with us on the inner planes.
There is this synthesis – this fusing – that is taking place which is immensely valuable and beneficial because you are being supported and encouraged and infused with energy and light so that you’re lifted up to connect with those on the inner planes and we, on the inner planes, are experiencing the same so we are able to connect with you and you are able to connect with us at a higher frequency. This means that greater wisdom and knowledge is available as well as healing – healing for you. It is a wonderful channel, you might say, or bridge that is allowing great transformation and ascension shifts, not only for you but for us as well.
It is important to simply be aware that you are being supported to being more open, more flowing, having an ease of energy, and that you are being supported to make connections. This means that you may find yourself reaching out to us on the inner planes. You might also find that you are reaching out to people around you – maybe new people, maybe old people, maybe familiar people. These connections are immensely important now because it is allowing not only the sharing of information and remembrance and understanding, but it is also supporting you in understanding who you truly are and how you can be present in this physical world, as well as what you have to share.
There are many ways that you can share your own inner energy however it is the recognition of your vibration, your energy, your frequency that is immensely important. When we make connections, yes we are able to connect with others but we also connect with ourselves on a deeper level.
Although it seems the ascension process is inviting you to open out to connect outside of yourself, it is also asking you to connect within – to go deeper within. Through your connections with others, you’re connecting on a deeper level with your own energy and vibration. Simply being present with yourself is all that is required. You don’t necessarily need to understand yourself. Just having that ability, or even simply that intention to be present with yourself, is immensely beneficial at this time.
It is a wonderful process of trusting – trusting yourself and trusting others. You will notice in this phase of ascension that trust is at the forefront. It is, what we might say, the most popular topic at this time as you are being invited to trust yourself, to trust your surroundings, to trust people and to trust the inner planes.
This will be something that you are invited to navigate through and to support yourself in doing so. It may be immensely challenging or you might find it easy. Whatever your journey, know that you are making this journey of trust with others as well. They are achieving the same. The more you are present with yourself, the more trust will automatically arise.
One thing in the ascension process now is this energy of ease…of flowing…of effortless vibrations…effortless experiences. It’s almost about inviting you to know that you can make connections by simply being present with yourself. You can say to yourself, ‘now, I am present with myself…with who I AM…with my essence and this allows me to make the connections that are needed and necessary at this time.’
It is important to recognise that as you create this focus of connection, of openness and trust, that you may also find yourself feeling quite lost or unsure of the next stages of your ascension. These are all symptoms of the energies that are coming forth, and encouraging you to experience a greater connection and a greater oneness.
So, how do you create connections? Let’s keep it as simple as possible. If you can breathe into your own body, then breathe into your essence – into the light within you. With each inhalation you acknowledge your body and the light within you. With each exhalation you allow this light to be expressed. Allow yourself to achieve this until you feel yourself grounding into your own presence – being present with who you are.
This is not about understanding, it is simply about being in a flow, which maybe cannot be understood but is your expression of the Creator. Then, with your mind, you create an intention of that which you wish to connect with, whether it’s a person, a being on the inner planes or an energy. You can say something like ‘I send out to the Universe of the Creator, an intention, a focus of connection with _____________. Let this connection be true, open and joyously impactful for my being and all.’
As you’re still aware of your own being, notice any changes, any shifts within your energy, your thoughts, as this will be a being or an energy connecting with you. The greatest, greatest tool is your trust. Even if something comes into your awareness that you deem as inappropriate, or silly, or your imagination, accept it because acceptance is opening the door and once you’ve opened the door the flow begins, and as that flow begins, greater connection occurs.
You may also notice that we are encouraging you to connect with your entire being rather than just a chakra or an aspect of yourself. This is actually whole being connections that are being created.
I will leave you to contemplate this. My love is with you always.

I am Saint Germain. Thank you.