Confirming Your Existence by Archangel Metatron 

Confirming Your Existence by Archangel Metatron the Ascension shifts and the light transmissions from the Creator The energy coming forth is extremely grounding
What a joy it is to be in your presence as you walk the steps and pathway of power. Each moment of your reality, you are being invited to engage with your power, to discover your power and to embody your power. This might be challenging for many, as there are many fears and pains connected to power. However, the Ascension shifts and the light transmissions that are coming forth from the Creator all promote and encourage you to discover your power. 
The energy coming forth is extremely grounding. They are inviting you to really ground into your central core, into your essence and your truth, but to also ground yourself in your pure vibrations of power. Grounding is like planting a seed which will open the door for your power to enter through, which means that you will let go of limitations and boundaries that you have placed around yourself and around your power. This grounding energy allows you to enter into the space of your power. This will influence not only your energy systems but your reality around you and the choices and decisions that you make. You may find yourself making choices and decisions that are scary, or challenging, and yet in that moment you feel incredibly empowered. It is those moments of feeling empowered that are allowing you to increase your vibration, to quicken your vibration and to advance along your spiritual journey, especially in the initiations of power. If something allows you to feel empowered, you know that it is serving your ascension at this time. You can achieve any form of grounding technique or process, and this will support you in grounding into your true power especially influenced by the energies coming forth. You can create a request that as you ground yourself, so you are grounding into your true power. Then you can allow yourself to experience this. 
I, Archangel Metatron, wish to bring forth a technique that you can use in this time of ascension, that will allow you to ground into the pure vibrations of your power.  What do we mean by the pure vibrations of your power? Power that is humble, that is born from love, is born from the true essence of your being, and flows from the Creator. When you are in your power, you are in service to yourself and simultaneously you are in service to others. This is a wonderful way of recognising when you are in true pure power, because you will be able to recognise that you are empowering and giving service to yourself as well as others around you. If you feel empowered and yet others around you feel disempowered, then you will be aware that your power may not be coming from the purest source within your being. Although saying that, we also need to be aware that you are not responsible for the reactions of others. If there is an opportunity for others to grow and to be in their power and yet they are choosing to reject it, then we can still recognise that your power is coming from your truth. Power is a service to yourself and a service to others. 
I, Archangel Metatron, invited you to imagine that you are sitting in a flower which is large and expansive, the petals come up right over your head and touch above your head. It can be any form of flower that you wish. Recognising that the stem of the flower extends into Mother Earth, this is a little bit like a lifeline that is sending energy down into Mother Earth, but also bringing it up to you.
I now invite you to call upon the light transmission of the current ascension stage, focused upon and embodying true power. As you receive the energies and you allow the energies to fill the space of the flower that you are existing within, you can breathe in the light and absorb that energy of power that is supporting the grounding of power. 
As your entire being is filled with this energy, I Archangel Metatron, invite you to feel, to sense, to acknowledge your connection with Mother Earth. You can achieve this by acknowledging the Earth, the soil, Mother Earth beneath you. As you breathe deeply, I invite you to imagine that you are sinking into Mother Earth in your petal pod,  and you are taking with you all those energies that are empowering and grounding power. Allow yourself to sink, to seep and to melt as far as possible into Mother Earth.  Feel Mother Earth is loving you, nurturing you, supporting you, and you are surrounded by nurturing energy. If you want you can open the petals to invite Mother Earth in or you can simply keep the petals there and invite her in any way. 
We ask Mother Earth to direct you to the purest vibration of your power within your being now. Allow yourself to sense or acknowledge this space, let it fill the space around you, the sacred pod and cocoon you have created and the presence of Mother Earth. 
You are grounding into your pure power. Being supported by the Universe of the Creator and Mother Earth you are confirming your existence on the Earth and in the inner planes in your ascension process. This is a space, it is a moment where you are standing in your power, because you are confirming, you are accepting, and you are affirming that it is your divine right to be present on this Earth in this ascension process embodying your pure power. 
It is safe for you to claim this now, because you are deserving and because it is your divine right.
I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to really claim this for yourself. You are confirming and claiming your existence on all levels of your being on the Earth and the inner planes and that you have the divine right to exist in your power. This may take some time to become accustomed to, you may need to sit with it or it may feel like an instant shift. As you confirm that it is your divine right to exist and to exist powerfully, you may feel, sense, or acknowledge additional powerful energies from within your being, skills and abilities or wisdom emerging. You may feel energies from the Universe of the Creator flowing into your being. It is now time to claim that you can exist on this Earth in this reality, in the Universe of the Creator in your true power, creating from your true power all that your soul desires to experience. 
It is that existence that I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to contemplate and to embody because as those grounding energies of power come forth they are grounding you into your true power, and inviting you to claim your existence. To claim your life as your own, that you can live it from your power, your truth and your love in a peaceful light radiating way. This is all born from your power. 
When you wish to return to your reality, simply become aware of your body and your surroundings. 
Take time to contemplate the very powerful shift that is occurring within you. It will support you in your reality, you will feel, sense and acknowledge yourself shifting in new directions with new actions and new creations. 
I thank you, 

I am Archangel Metatron

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