Cleansing Practices by Archangel Metatron

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron.
Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. What a joy it is to be in your radiant presence. I bring forth the angelic light and frequencies full of shimmering Creator qualities to share with you and activate Creator and angelic qualities within your being.
If you were to choose the Creator and angelic qualities to be activated within your being, what would you choose? It is an interesting question to contemplate, allowing yourself to realise your powers and the qualities that are already present within your being. Once recognised, you can invite them to be in action within your being. You can discover ways to express these sacred Creator and angelic qualities through your being, thus embodying them further.
Today I wish to speak of cleansing practices – in a time when the energy frequency is moving at great speed and there is also much turmoil within your being as you realise wounds, heal and release them. It is a wonderful time to have a tool belt of cleansing practices that you can use to bring yourself back into balance – connected to your truth and connected to your essence.
When we speak of cleansing, we think of clearing the energy field – the physical body, the chakras, the mind, the emotions – and this is true and it is possible as well. However, when you gain your balance once more – your centre – when you’re grounded, when you’re connected to the Creator, your inner truth and your essence, you are in the flow of the Creator and the flow of the Creator is like a river that is continuously moving through your being – waiting and wanting to be expressed through you. When you allow and give permission for this to occur, and you’re consciously aware, it supports you in naturally…and you might say automatically…cleansing your being, because the river of the flow of the Creator will bring forth energies to be observed, to be acknowledged or accepted. As it does so, it will carry them away as well, or carry them into embodiment, whatever is appropriate and necessary.
The cleansing process occurs at a quicker rate and all of these can be achieved by intention.
I hold the intention that I am grounded deeply into my essence, my truth and Mother Earth. I hold the intention that I experience fully my inner balance, my inner peace and connection with self. I hold the intention that I am divinely connected with my essence, my truth and the Creator, receiving the divine flow of the Creator throughout my being at all times. It is easy for me to comprehend, understand and express the divine flow of the Creator.
I, Archangel Metatron, wish to offer to you, another tool for your tool belt of cleansing practices. This practice is to call upon the Crystalline Kingdom, asking them to create and place within your right palm, the most beautiful light-filled crystal – a crystal that is deeply connected to the Creator, to the divine Universe of the Creator and to your own essence. You might say that this crystal represents your divine self and you hold it within your right palm.
Ask the Crystalline Kingdom to place in your left palm, a crystal such as Smokey Quartz or Tourmaline – a crystal that is dark in colour. It still has a high vibration, a cleansing property, but it is darker in colour.
Then, as the Crystalline Kingdom surrounds you and supports you, inhale – imagining you are inhaling through your divine self-crystal in your right Palm Chakra. This energy flows up your right arm into your heart space and into your entire being.
As you exhale you let go of anything that no longer serves you and you send it through your left arm into your left Palm Chakra where it is stored within the crystal. You can practice this for as long as you wish. It is especially valuable when you are feeling emotional, upset or when your mind is busy with worry – as you send everything into the crystal in your left palm.
When you are ready, you bring your both palms together…when you’ve completed the process…and allow the two crystals to merge, and the divine self-crystal will cleanse, will heal, will dissolve, will do whatever is necessary to transform all those energies. You will be left with your divine crystal which is filled with luminous light. You can achieve whatever you wish with that crystal. You might want to hold it and bathe in its rays. You might want to place it in your Heart Chakra or maybe in your Earth Star Chakra below your feet.
Another tool for your tool belt of cleansing practices is to imagine a pillar of light that is flowing over and through your being, and this is of the energy of flower essence – the divine self – the divine energy of flowers. As this pillar of light flows over and through your being, it spirals and you can see that it has petals which are opening up, and these petals are almost embracing you as the pillar of light flows over and through your being. You are embraced with this pillar of light of the flower divine self or essence, and the energy of the flower kingdom – the frequency of the flower kingdom of a cleansing vibration. The petals of the flowers embrace you completely and flow into the earth as well.
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to simply sit within this energy and it is, in many ways, like a spiritual medicine because the spirits of the flowers – the souls of the flowers – are with you, cleansing certain areas, amplifying other areas, offering…almost like offering the minerals and vitamins that your body and your being need. This will be an immensely cleansing process. Each time you experience this practice it will be different because you extend your energy in a different way, and therefore the essence – the souls, the spirits of the flowers on the Inner Planes – extend their energy to you in a different way as well.
I have one final practice for you, and this is to receive. Ask your favourite guide, your favourite mentor, or being on the Inner Planes to come forth and to place into your Palm Chakras, a liquid light – like a balm. This liquid light is of their cleansing and healing energy and it will continue to soak into your Palm Chakras. It means you can place your hands on certain areas of your body and allow this cleansing vibration, from the guide you have called forth, to melt and seep continuously into that area. You can also use your hands to move through your auric field or through chakras distributing this cleansing balm. With this process, you can…each time you experience it…you can call upon a different guide and so the benefits and qualities that you receive will be greatly different.
I hope you will experiment with my practices and keep them as a tool belt of cleansing practices to serve you at this time.

I am Archangel Metatron and I thank you.

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  1. Love these simple practices and will certainly be applying them over the week to come. And as I embody them will continue beyond. Spring 🌼 has sprung here so a perfect time to connect with the spirit of the 💐 flowers .Thank you

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