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The Christ Consciousness is a pure vibration of active love which is not linked to the Christian Religion, it is a love which is the essence of the Creator and exists within all souls. It is labeled as active love because it encourages us to be love, to express love and to exist as love, a love which is unconditional, born only from the soul rather than outside circumstances or experiences. This sacred love vibration is often represented by a golden colour of light  which can be inhaled and exhaled to support embodiment.

Every person on the Earth holds the Christ Consciousness within their souls, some choose to focus upon this sacred energy more than others, choosing embodiment of the golden light as a pathway to enlightenment. Those who choose to follow the pathway of the Christ achieve initiations both consciously and unconsciously to support complete embodiment and remembrance of love within their beings.

Many Ascended Masters have been labeled as Christed Beings such as Lord Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Lady Pallas Athena and numerous more.

Lord Maitreya is the higher aspect of Master Sananda/Jesus/Yeshua, he is known as the Christ because he oversees and distributes the Christ Consciousness at a planetary level. He works with all souls on the Earth to support them in achieving their Christ Initiations.  Call upon the Christ Lord Maitreya to assist you with accepting and sharing love, understanding the Christ Consciousness and achieving your Christ Initiations.

The Christ Ashram of Lord Maitreya oversees the 12th Ray of Light lead by Lady Pallas Athena also focused upon this sacred golden active vibration of love. Lady Pallas Athena supports the embodiment and activation of Christ Consciousness, active love and assists with preparations for experiencing the Solar Level. She has a warrior like energy while emanating pure and supreme love.

‘I am the Christ Consciousness.’


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