Art of Transformation by the Andromedans

Greetings beloved beings of light.
Greetings beloved beings of light. We are the Andromedans, we extend our energy through numerous dimensions, and we extend our energy through the many dimensions of your own being. We are present to serve you and to be of assistance. Today, we wish to speak of the art of transformation especially connected to the mind, the ego, and to in fact to your entire being. We wish to focus on times in your reality when you experience a challenge. When it feels like the universe has given to you something that is either challenging, causes you to suffer, causes pain, causes you to feel stuck, and in truth is something that you do not wish to experience. In those times when it feels like the universe gives you something challenging in your reality that you did not want to deal with, it is at that time that you can transform the most. 
You can empower yourself.    You can ascend quicker.    You can connect deeper to your truth and the Creator. 
You can create something magnificent and beautiful in your reality. Sometimes the journey with that challenge can be long, and it may not feel as if there is anything magnificent blossoming from the challenge. Other times you might recognise the magnificence instantly. It is important that we make you aware that each circumstance and experience is different and the way that you will need to approach each circumstance and experience will also be different. When you recognised in the moment of receiving the challenge that there is an opportunity of transformation, magnificence, and even happiness, then you begin to create the transformation. In many ways, the challenge doesn’t ground so deeply into your being. 
The first thing to notice is that you attracted the challenge into your reality. It is not that the Creator wishes to hurt or harm you in any way. It is that there is something within you, a vibration, a wound, a belief, it might be from another lifetime, it might be from this lifetime that has attracted the challenge into your reality. With this understanding, we can recognise that transformation can take place because if the experience/challenge was created from within you, then you can access that energy, whatever it may be and begin to work with it and begin to transform it.
You are required to manage yourself when a challenge enters into your reality whatever it may be. How do you react? What thoughts come into your mind?  Are you instantly deflated and feel like a victim? Do you feel helpless?  Do you feel angry, hurt or fearful? As you manage yourself, you observe your reactions and actions. You observe without judgement, and so you are in a space where you realise that transformation is available. You observe yourself and your reactions and, you know, that you attracted this experience into your reality because of something that you are holding within your being. This already places you in a space of power. You can then begin to take time to explore. 
If there is a need first to release emotions, whether it is fear, anger or hurt, then it is appropriate to find a safe way and a safe environment to release those emotions fully. As the emotions release your clarity will dawn. It may take a while, it may take patience for the emotions to release, but you will know because there will be a sense of peace once the emotions have been expressed. If you allow the emotions to stay within, then they confuse your clarity, and draw your attention. Once they are released safely, then an inner peace settles within your being, and it is from that space, that you can then begin to access your inner knowingness for you to explore. 
You can ask yourself what do you need to know? What is the message from this experience? 
You can ask yourself where is the energy that has created this experience? 
You can even ask yourself how can I release this energy? What do I need to understand, heal or resolved? You become a bit like a detective, exploring within your being, you may be given clues and you begin to gain a clarity and understanding. Simple awareness of why something has occurred or the energy that created it, whether it was a memory, a past life experience, again allows you to be in your power. When you are in your power, you are more connected to your truth, and to your essence. You can even ask yourself to radiate an energy that will dissolve the vibration or the wound that created the experience. You can begin to explore within yourself what actions you need to take to allow yourself to move through the transformation, to receive the magnificence that is available in this opportunity.  
It is all about listening within, trusting yourself, allowing yourself to be in your power and allowing yourself to receive the transformation. This is immensely important because often when a challenge occurs, and it hits you deeply. Your ability to receive almost dissolves. There is a need to focus on the understanding that you can receive all that you need, and that you can receive and embody the transformation that is necessary. Allow yourself to move on a journey of transformation to magnificence. Life constantly shares with you opportunities, experiences, challenges that may not always be to your liking, whether they are small or large, whether they affect you deeply or only on the surface. By allowing yourself to know and discover the art of transformation. You become like a phoenix reborn and what occurs is the more that you discover this art of transformation.
It is less likely the challenges enter into your reality because once a lesson is understood, once an aspect of your being is mastered then you can move on to the next stage of your ascension and your spiritual growth. 
We the Andromedans wish to share this with you today to offer some support to those that are experiencing immense challenges in their reality. We do not wish to make it seem less important or even that the art of transformation is easy, because sometimes it is not. We simply wish to offer a focus that brings you back to your truth and offers you tools. Even if these tools are simply something to hold on to while you are struggling. We wish for you to know that our love is with you as well and you can always call upon the Andromedan’s love to surround you. 
Many people all over the world and even in the inner planes are experiencing the art of transformation. Some may not even realise that they are. When you begin to recognise the art of transformation, you become like a beacon of knowledge. Serving others in doing the same, thus supporting all in ascending. 
We thank you and we love you,

We are the Andromedans

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