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Master Kuthumi

Dragonfly Ascension by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, it is an honour to be in your presence today. I wish to bring forth an energy to you and a transformation that is taking place and moving through the inner planes as well as integrating with the Earth. This transformation and ascension energy is immensely important in this stage of ascension, and we have labelled it the Dragonfly Ascension because this energy born from the Creator, holds the essence of the Dragonfly Soul and Spirit. It seems to represent or is aligned to the dragonfly energy at its most purest, divine vibrations. The vibrations coming forth on this stream of light we can imagine as hundreds and thousands of dragonflies, each with a mission and a purpose. Each waiting to connect with one soul on the inner planes and the Earth to instigate and activate a deep inner transformation. 

You may call forth in meditation the dragonfly most aligned with your being and with the transformation that is waiting to take place for you and your ascension. We are giving you this image of hundreds and thousands of dragonflies because it’s supports you in connecting with the wave and stream of energy that is this ascension transition. It is a way of your mind grasping the energy or you calling this energy forth to you, and embodying it. It also assists and invites you to align with the vibration of the energy that most serves you in your life and ascension now. It is not necessarily that there are hundreds or thousands of dragonflies. It is a representative of the energy that is coming forth from the Creator. 

I, Master Kuthumi wish to speak of this energy and how it can impact your being. Firstly this energy creates and promotes flexibility. It invites you to be grounded like a tree and yet to wave, move, and sway in your trunk and your branches, so you remain grounded into the Earth, into your essence, and your truth. There is a flexibility within your being and essence that creates flexibility in your thoughts, your emotions, or the pathway you are currently focused upon. You might liken it to going with the flow. However, when you seek and accept flexibility, you realise that sometimes your reality can change dramatically. This change can feel as if the ground has been taken from underneath you. As you remember that you are grounded, centred and connected with the Creator, Mother Earth and your truth so, the flexibility that is coming forth and impacting your being or inspiring your being allows you to move, to change, to alter, to transform from a space of being grounded. This opens up so much more, it allows you to change and transform many areas of your reality.  

We can imagine that dragonflies are very active. They are moving from one thing to the next. You may find yourself doing this as an acceleration to get you to the point of ascension that is needed in this moment. You will recognise the energy promotes activity, you may feel that there is a need for action, physical, emotional, or mental action and creation. 

You may feel that there is a need for flexibility and open your mind to new ideas or to try one thing and then to try something completely different. Being flexible, you are not rigid in your grounding, you are not rigid in your thoughts, your ideas, or your perspective. You allow yourself to move with the energies, move with your reality and your ideas, until you come to a place where you feel happy, content and aligned. You may recognise that this flexibility brings a change in your perspective of yourself, your reality, the Creator, those around you. 

 The dragonfly energy is very honest, you may find that things become clear. Things that you had been confusing or complicating might suddenly become clear. This may appear as the opposite because the dragonfly energy brings forth action, activity, flexibility, and change which may seem completely different to clarity, understanding and clearness. As all these energies merge  you will find your self embodying activity with clarity, flexibility with grounding. You may view yourself having a change in your perspective and transformation in your reality yet still be able to recognise your truth, your purpose, and your energy. 

Rather than contemplating what requires flexibility, a change of perspective, some activity, or even clarity in your reality, or ascension, we invite you to call forth the Dragonfly Ascension energy, letting the dragonfly energy alert you to what is needed in your reality and where your focus must lie. The dragonfly will weave, soar, spiral, flit and fly from one thing to another and yet, clarity will dawn, an understanding that will support you in this current stage of ascension. 

The Dragonfly Ascension energy is coming forth because many people are feeling stuck. The New Earth Ascension Blueprint download to create the New Earth, the new reality for all. There have been many ascension energies that have supported you in creating your dreams, desires, and your soul’s purpose in this reality while also creating transformation for yourself and those around you. However in this current stage of ascension you may feel stuck, you may feel as if everything is going against you, pushing you in other directions or that your dreams are further away than they have ever been. This is why the dragonfly energy comes forth, there is a need for flexibility, for you to think differently and there is a need for you to hop between vibrations. It is very easy to access a vibration, a frequency of ascension, a dimension, and to become comfortable with it, to sit in it. Sometimes it is needed to move your alignment to other dimensions, and this is required now. As you change the vibration that you are aligned to, that you absorb and that impacts your being, so you allow yourself to awaken. It is as if the change in vibration allows stuck energies to move to be released and you begin to allow new light, new inspiration, and enlightenment into your being, thus gaining clarity and understanding about your next step. 

When you call forth your dragonfly and invite this dragonfly energy to support you in meditation to inspire you and for you to absorb the energies, you can also invite the dragonfly to take you on a journey of dimensions. Connecting you with appropriate and different dimensions of light. Even if it’s only for a couple of seconds, this will create a shift within your being that loosens the stuck energies and allows for greater flexibility and freedom. This is something that you can achieve simply, take time to contemplate the energy and notice the shifts that it brings. 

My love is with you always, I thank you, 

I am Master Kuthumi

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Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here


Displacement of Truth by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, we are the Andromedans, we come forth as a collective energy from our civilization, bringing forth high vibrations and frequencies, wisdom, codes and energetic symbols to support your ascension in this moment. It is our purpose to aid you in recognising the evolution of your truth from within your being, understanding how you may express your truths and experience your truth in this physical reality. Often many beings believe that their purpose of existing upon the Earth is to progress and advanced spiritually.

Therefore, they dedicate their time to engaging with the inner planes. This is appropriate and it is necessary.

However, the greater purpose of existing upon the Earth is to discover one’s truth and spiritual growth in a physical manner or physical way. In acting and reacting and existing within the physical reality. Let us give you an example of this. You may discover a wound within your being, and you may visit an ashram on the inner planes to create the healing that is appropriate and necessary. Or you may go within your being inviting your soul and soul group to bring forth the necessary healing. This is appropriate and necessary. You are existing as a physical being on a physical Earth so there is a need for this healing to take place at a physical level. Therefore, there is a need to integrate the healing with your physical body and energetic fields with your physical reality. There is a need to integrate the healing with your thoughts and emotions, the way that you act and react to those around you, what you choose to create, every part of your physical reality requires to anchor, ground and experience the healing process. Then you become the spiritual advancement that you wish for and desire because you are working both energetically and physically and the physical part is the interaction with yourself, as a physical being, and your physical reality.

This is essential because this is what your soul has come to the Earth to experience. Now, with this understanding we recognise the importance of the physical reality. We recognise the importance of every single word and thought, reaction and action that you create, every single correspondence, and communication that you have with other people as well. Also, with nature, animals and Mother Earth. Every part of your reality becomes an integral aspect or grounding of your spiritual evolution. That’s your physical reality and your existence upon the Earth allow you to express and experience the truth that is within your being. This truth is born from the Creator through you. This does not mean that it belongs to the Creator, for you are the Creator as well. You are an aspect of that greater source.

We the Andromedans wish for you to gain an understanding of your truth and your purpose of expressing and experiencing your truth upon the Earth. Every aspect of your reality is an expression and an experience of your truth. This means that it is aligned to you to your essence, to all that you are, and all that is the Creator. Now today we the Andromedans wish to speak of the displacement of truth.

What do we mean by this?

When something is displaced, you could say that it finds a different location, it is in a different location from its origin, maybe it has even become detached from its origin. There are many displacements of truth, and what we mean by this is that the truth is slightly altered because it has been taken on by another, and not born from the origin of one’s being. What we mean by this is when you connect with your truth, your soul, your essence within your being, and the Divine guidance or inspiration comes forth so that is your truth. It is born from you. You are the origin, your connection with the Creator is the origin of this truth. Now truth can be transferred to another so you might share this idea or inspiration with another person, and they may resonate with it and connect with it. They may connect with that inspiration within their own being recognising the same within their own being. Therefore, it ignites a new origin of similar qualities within their own being. However, this origin of truth is not the same, although an origin of truth has been ignited in another. If another being takes on this truth, this idea, this concept but it does not really connect with them and they are choosing their origin. Then we can call this a displacement of truth because they may like, they may be inspired by this truth, however, they haven’t connected it into their own truth. Their own origin and allowed it to inspire something greater within their being or something similar.

So, the displacement of Truth is when another takes on an idea and they like it, they feel as if it is aligned with what they are or what they wish to be and yet they don’t connect with it in their truth, in their origin within their being so, they may have an opposing belief. Imagine that the idea that is passed on is about being a radiant being of light, and another accepts this, that it would be wonderful to be a radiant being of light, and yet they still run programs that they are wounded or that they are unloved or they cannot connect with their truth, their spiritual aspect. Then we have a displacement of truth. The truth is serving them because it is inspiring them, and yet, but they have not yet fully grounded it into their origin in order to allow their own blossoming of their origin, their vibrations, their truth, which is aligned to their reality. Now this is not necessarily a bad or a good thing. It is simply what happens when you take on the idea, the concept, the understanding of another and it does not fully align, or you do not fully align with the concept. It does not penetrate your origin, your truth, your soul and ignite something similar, something beautiful from within your being.

Now we the Andromedans are sharing with you about displacement of truth because we wish for you to recognise when something is inspiring you, and you like it, and when something really connects into your core. Now, you may have said something, concept or idea you completely dislike, and that is okay. It isn’t aligning with your truth. However, sometimes something that your mind, your personality, or maybe even your ego dislikes, when it is grounded into your origin or connected or you take it into your soul, into your origin and you comtemplate it within your soul, in your origin. Sometimes you find that which you push away is actually what is required and needed to activate from your soul and your origin to create the truth, the spiritual advancement that you require and need. You exist in a world where there are so many ideas, so many opinions and judgments, so many ways to achieve anything and everything. So, therefore aligning with your truth is immensely important, it is appropriate to take on the ideas and concepts of another being. However, if you are trying to put them into action in your reality or even into creation, there is a need to take that concept, that idea with you into meditation, within your soul, your essence, and see what activates. Imagine a garden, you have your own plot of garden and people bring you seeds, and you take the seeds, and you plant them in your garden in the soil. The seeds that are aligned, the seeds that grow, the seeds that blossom are those that are appropriate for you, that serve you. The seeds that do not germinate or grow, they are taken into your truth, but they do not blossom. Do not ignite anything from your origin, and so, that which we are sharing with you is to invite you to contemplate whether a truth that you receive from outside of yourself. Is a truth that aligns with your being and that ignites a blossoming of your origin into your being in reality. If it does not, even though it may seem magnificent, it is important to let it go.

Then you will be connecting with truth, born from your origin, whether it is born from you or from others, you will be guided as to what is appropriate to serve your ascension and to serve your spiritual growth and it will make it easier to navigate the world, this physical world, where there are many opinions, ideas, judgments, and concepts. And you can be in your power in control of your own truth, your own reality, and spiritual advancements. We know that our communication with you today is slightly unique. However, we believe that it was necessary in a time when there is confusion. So, we leave it with you as a seed, it may germinate in your truth. It may not. If it does not, then it is a displacement of truth, and you can let it go.

We are the Andromedans. We love you, and we thank you.

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Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here

Archangel Metatron

Separation the Initiation by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron, I bring forth the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you now. It is so important at this time of Ascension that you call forth the Angelic vibration and Kingdom to surround you, it is essential that you recognise that we are your companions as you Journey upon this Earth. We are present to gift you with love, to support you, to protect you, and to guide you. We are present to speak with you, to communicate with you and to share. It is essential that you understand that we the Angelic Kingdom are present with you in friendship now because an initiation is unfolding and has already begun.

This initiation is connected to and concerning separation. Many souls upon the Earth are currently experiencing separation in their reality, maybe you, a friend or a family member have noticed that people are drifting away. It may be people that you have relied upon, that have supported you or you have supported them. It could be family, friends, or co-workers. You may notice that people are stepping away, they are retreating, disconnecting from you. You may experience this in your reality, or the initiation of separation may manifest for you in a different way. However, I Archangel Metatron wish to share the most general and impactful way that this initiation is manifesting. It is that loved ones or friends step away from you. It might be for a couple of days, weeks, months, or maybe for your lifetime. You may find that you are experiencing arguments or misunderstandings with others and so there is a separation between you. You may feel completely different to everyone else and so you are creating the separation with everyone else. The outcome or impact of this initiation will be that you feel separate, you feel alone and that others may step away from you. This can be immensely painful and challenging to experience.

It is often when we are in pain or experiencing challenges that we reconnect with the light within us, and the initiation of separation is about reconnecting with the light within your being. When you allow yourself to realise what is happening, that separation is manifesting in your reality, then it is important that you turn within, and you search for and connect with the light within your being. A reconnection with yourself, with your soul and your essence. It is only once you have experienced this reconnection with yourself, your soul, your essence, the Creator presence within your being that you then begin to look outward once more. From that space of reconnection, you look at the separation that has manifested due to this initiation. You look at it from this space of light and your essence, within your being and then you choose from that space how to perceive the separation.

Some manifestations of separation you may believe are appropriate and so you can send gratitude, love, forgiveness and let it be. Some manifestations of separation you may not wish to experience and so you embark upon a journey of reconnection, reconnecting from the light within your being to those people that you have experienced separation with but wish to continue to have in your reality and life, thus you are reconnecting. You are connecting with those people, those souls, those energies in a new way from the essence within your being.

This initiation can be very painful and challenging if you allow yourself to delve deeply into the energy of separation and for some, it may be needed to explore that energy and what it feels like. However, it is important to recognise that reconnection is the key.

First reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your own light within. Thus, your energy vibration quickens, you become, you embody, a different energy. You may even experience seeing yourself as a different person because of the transformation that has taken place.

Then you reconnect with others, and this can be simply sending your light to the other and letting it be there, present until separation dissolves. It can be learning how you were with those people and how you would like to be and act with them now. Then approach them from that space of how you would like the relationship to continue. Thus, there is growth in the connection in the relationship. We can recognise two areas of growth, firstly within your own being, and secondly within your relationships with others, your connections, and the way that you interact with others. This creates such a high vibration of light, not only for you and for your relationships, your connections with others, but also your entire reality. Your entire reality begins to shimmer, sparkle and shine with a higher vibration of light which is immensely important currently.

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to recognise the initiation of separation that is unfolding now. Allow yourself to remain in a space of connection, rather than fear.  Recognise the growth, the transformation, the ascension that is available to you. Many of you have an idea or a perspective of how you want your reality to be, which includes the people that are in your reality and how you experience interactions with others. This initiation of separation that is manifesting now is to support the manifestation of this perspective of your reality.

It is important to acknowledge that you may not experience the separation initiation in this way. You may simply notice within your being a feeling of loneliness or you may find that you are becoming angry, pushing others away or it may be that you feel you are experiencing a disconnection with the Creator. It is important to realise that this separation initiation may not manifest as I have described, although it was essential for me to describe it in this way because most of humanity will experience it in this way.

Please know that the Angelic Kingdom are your companions and your friends, call on them often.

We love you dearly and we are here to support you through this journey.

Thank you,

 I am Archangel Metatron

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Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here


Cellular Treatment by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians. We come forth with the truth, the love and peace of the Creator. We bring forth to you our energy, we bring forth to you our divine inspiration so you may benefit from all that we are achieving on the inner planes, to serve Mother Earth and all of humanity. Today we come forward to support the physical body, and in truth to support the heightened and quickening of your vibration on all levels of your being.

We wish to share with you a treatment that is to assist your ascension and to aid your physical body in becoming balanced with your divine self. Meaning that your physical body embodies your divine self and is equal to and a reflection of your divine self. It is important that this takes place so the physical body can easily move through the ascension processes that are coming forth, that are ready and available for you to experience and achieve. Your physical body is such a powerful tool. It anchors the energy, it allows you to express, to experience, to put into action all that is the Creator. Your physical body alerts you to any baggage that you are holding on to, any wounds, anything that is blocking your connection with the Creator or causing a separation between you and any aspect of the Creator. Your physical body is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge. Your physical body understands all aspects of your ascension and is in communication with your soul. Your physical body is like a sponge, it absorbs so much and supports you in every moment of your reality. It is important to recognise that your physical body can absorb and be impacted by outside energies, as well as habits or negative thought patterns that you choose to hold on to.

When your physical body equals the vibration of your soul, your physical body is upgraded, rejuvenated, regenerated. You have a vessel that is of advanced energies. All your senses, physical senses as well as spiritual senses, awaken. The skills and ability of your physical being and entire being activate thus you can see into other dimensions, hear into other dimensions, and sense into other dimensions. Your physical body even becomes prepared to walk into other dimensions, to make transitions between dimensions, realities, vibration, and frequencies. At a very basic level when your physical body’s vibration equals that of your soul it is so much easier for your soul to express through your physical body, a unity, and emerging takes place. Thus, you begin to walk as your soul, as your Divine self upon the Earth.

Cellular Treatment Activation

We, the Arcturians, have a special activation that we wish to share with you to support a vibrational heightening and advancement of your physical body. It is known as a cellular treatment. On the inner planes, within our civilisation, we have many treatments, many activations, initiations, and all are created from the purest vibration of light, the highest intentions, and the most sacred expressions of the Creator.

For the cellular treatment, we create cells of light. We first scan your own physical being; we scan your soul and all energy bodies of your being. We recognise the vibration you are currently holding. We recognise the vibration of your soul, and we merge these vibrations. Connecting with your current vibration and your soul’s vibration, we merge them and fill them with light. This creates for us a vibrational frequency which is the aspects of your physical body that have been healed and the vibration of your soul. This process is very clean and clear. We do not add any other light, we use the light of your soul to create the cells.

Once we have scanned your being and have determined the vibration of frequency that your soul is and your healed physical being are aligned with. We then access this vibration to recreate cells of light. When you are ready, we come forth, creating a circle around you with many Arcturian Masters of Light. We begin to pour light that is not from our civilisation, it is directly from the Creator through our beings into your being. As we send this energy, we begin to integrate the new cells of light that hold your vibration of a healed and complete body and being, and the highest vibration of your soul. We support these cells in anchoring into your own cells. This process may take time and you may wish to lie down to experience it fully. You may experience it as your entire body being lit up with the most glorious and fantastic light. You may experience old wounds drifting away. You may experience, new understandings coming forth. As you experience the cellular treatment, your entire being is shifting and transforming. There is a union, a synthesis emerging of your soul new-higher aspects of your soul download into your physical being. You may feel a fondness, a deeper connection with your soul or deeper awareness of your soul. The outcome will be that your physical body will be filled with light and supported to rejuvenate, regenerate, and maintain a high vibration. As well as heal wounds and pains, with greater ease, your physical body will be able to hold on to the light of your soul. Therefore, you feel a deeper connection and embodiment of your soul. We believe this transformation is essential now. It also eradicates from your being old habits, old negative energies, and information, especially anchored into your being from the collective consciousness. Therefore, allowing the consciousness of your soul to be embedded within your physical body. This will create a greater freeing and release, allowing you to follow the guidance of your soul with greater ease.

You only need to ask us to come forth to experience with you the Arcturian Cellular Treatment and we will do so. We will begin to scan your being, then we will surround you and begin the transmission of the light cells into your being. It will be important to ground yourself, to breathe out through your feet, your Earth Star Chakra, and your Root Chakra into Mother Earth for some time until you feel fully anchored and fully present.

This is a powerful transition and creates greater freedom and the sense of divinity within your being. If you feel that this process is not for you, then please we wish for you to follow your inner guidance. It may be that you can achieve it at a later time or maybe it is simply not for you. Ask within to see whether you need to experience the Arcturian Cellular Treatment to aid your ascension and to support your physical body in these times of ascension.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Arcturians

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Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here

Archangel Michael

Support of the Universe by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings and love I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence as I bring forth the energy, love, and peace of the Angelic Kingdom. May this vibration and frequency download into your being, through your being and into Mother Earth so she may experience the blessings and gifts that we share with you and with all. Today I, Archangel Michael, wish to bring forth an insight. It is a transformation that is taking place now, an energy vibration flowing from the Universe of the Creator, the core of the Creator into your being and it is an ascension process.

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to imagine with me now.

Allow yourself to observe your physical body, your surroundings and even observe the entire world that surrounds you. As you focus deeper within your being, you will become familiar with your own energy and frequency, connecting into who you are. Allow yourself to acknowledge,

Do you feel alone?

Do you feel connected to others?

You are in existence upon the Earth as the vibration of many and yet with your physical body, you may feel separate. You may feel as if you are an individual and to some extent you are, and yet multiple vibrations of the Creator flow through you. You might liken this to a rainbow but a rainbow that has multiple colours, even colours that you do not recognise. These rainbow colours flow through your being into the Earth, into all beings, and into everything you create. This is your expression of the Creator. The rainbow energy of multiple colours flows throughout your being constantly, it is like a river which cannot be stopped.

In your current existence in a physical body upon the Earth you have accepted the purpose of creation. Every moment of your reality is a moment created by you, everything you feel within you, everything around you is an experience created by you, whether it is from beliefs, your subconscious mind, intentions or from the contracts of your soul. You are like a creating machine; you cannot stop creating. You may not understand how you create and yet it is something that is continuous, maybe even automatic. As you imagine with me, Archangel Michael, imagine yourself as this creating machine, there is no on or off switch, there is simply continuous creations, you are continuously creating.

Imagine with me, Archangel Michael, all around you are beings, physical beings on the Earth and they are the same as you. They have this rainbow light that allows them to express the Creator, they have accepted the purpose of creating. They are like creating machines; they cannot stop creating. Every person on the Earth is constantly creating, sometimes the creations are purposeful, positive, fulfilling, other times they guide you on a journey of understanding and growth. The purpose of this process is so you can firstly understand yourself more fully and begin to fine tune your machine of creating. Secondly so you may understand the Creator more fully, opening yourself up consciously to receive and express the purpose of the Creator through your being. With an understanding of yourself and everyone else achieving their purpose of creation you can recognise that everyone is in sync and connected. You are all the same, your purpose is the same. Therefore, you are a team with everyone on the Earth and this is not only human beings.

Imagine yourself as a team with everyone on the Earth, you are supporting everyone, they are supporting you.  It is not that you need to create this, as it is the truth, when you create expressing your rainbow light you are being supported by everyone on the Earth and you are supporting everyone on the Earth. There is a team energy, a connection, a co-creation.

Imagine there are 352 dimensions to the Creator’s Universe. Within each dimension there are multiple beings, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Star Beings, Angels, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Elementals and so many more beings, all of light. You may say there is darkness as well, everything is created from the Creator, so it is true to say that even the darkness is created from the light and holds a purpose of growth and a journey of understanding.

Imagine all these beings of light are expressing the rainbow light of multiple colours through their beings; they are expressing the Creator. They are expressing the purpose of the Creator; therefore, they are looking at you, they are supporting you and everyone on the Earth. Imagine every single being in the entire Universe of the Creator within 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe directing their energy to you. You are a team with everyone in the Universe of the Creator, your energy, your purpose also is directed to them, directed to all beings supporting their creations.

Again, imagine you are in existence in a physical body on the Earth, you have the purpose of creating guided by the Creator. Everyone on the Earth is supporting you and assisting you, everyone on the inner planes within the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is supporting you, sending you energy and love and truth, energising, and amplifying all that you create. Can you imagine this? Millions beyond millions of beings supporting you at this moment, in truth, at every given moment. All of this creates a oneness, a wholeness and that oneness and wholeness is the Creator, so you are a part of an integral oneness and truth of the Creator. As you allow yourself to imagine this you will shift into this perspective, into this reality, into the vibration and so my question to you is simple.




With all this energy, the multiple multi-coloured rainbow light flowing through you, which is the expression of the Creator, what do you choose to focus upon?

What do you wish to experience in your reality?

What emotions do you wish to experience?

What thoughts do you wish to experience?

What actions and reactions do you wish to experience?

What situations and circumstances do you wish to experience?

What type of people do you wish to have in your reality?

What do you wish your surroundings to be like?

Imagine that you are creating on a fresh and clean canvas, where your past is not influencing your present and you have all the support you need. Whatever you wish to create there are so many beings on the Earth and the inner planes cheering you on, amplifying and magnifying whatever you wish to create.

As you imagine this, what is the feeling that emerges from within your being? Is it a feeling of success or fulfilment, deep love or maybe a relaxation and peace? Allow this vibration to fill your entire being, let it flow from your being, send it to all beings on the Earth and the inner planes. As you continue to imagine, I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask yourself:




What is it that I need to create in co-creation with the Creator, my soul, everyone on the Earth and everyone on the inner planes? What is it that needs to be created and expressed through me now?

This is my message to you today. I wish to invite you to imagine, imagine all that I have shared daily. Allow yourself to shift into that co-creation vibration because that co-creation vibration is essential to activating the New Earth Ascension Blueprint already anchored into your being. Allowing you to create, to heal, to experience co-creation, and oneness with the Creator. Please imagine this daily, shift yourself into the vibration of co-creation where you are supported entirely by the Universe of the Creator because it is the truth, it is an important and integral aspect of your ascension now.

Please do not worry about creating the wrong thing or trying to get your creation perfect so that you create the right thing. There is no such thing as wrong or right, simply allow yourself to be inspired as the wonderful thing about your creations is that you are always creating. You have so much time to practice, to express what is truly within your heart and your soul.

I love you deeply and I am here to support you eternally,

In truth and love I thank you,


I am Archangel Michael

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Archangel Gabriel

Ascension Gift 5 – Awakening and Shifting Perspectives by Archangel Gabriel

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, greetings to all, I am Archangel Gabriel, and it is an honour to bring forth the Ascension Gift 5 from the inner planes, in order to support your energy and your purpose in 2021, and of course beyond.

The Ascension Gift we wish to share with you is enlightenment and insights. We wish to support and encourage you to observe your perspectives, your beliefs. We invite you to focus upon the belief of good and bad, false and true, right and wrong.  Many of you understand within your mind or maybe have been taught the difference between right and wrong, false and true, and good and bad. However, it is time to contemplate these, their energy and their purpose. For example, contemplating in meditation or thinking in quiet time,

What is truth?

What is the energy of truth?

Can you feel the presence of truth?

How does truth manifest in your reality?

How do you acknowledge what is truth and what is not?

Then we have false perspectives?

What is the energy of false perspectives?

Can you feel it, can you sense it?

Can you acknowledge it, can you recognise it within yourself and recognise it within others, situations, or experiences?

As you contemplate these different energies, they seem to be the exact opposite of each other, and yet they play an extraordinarily strong part not only in your reality but the way you interact with the world. Are you quick to determine that things are good or bad, right or wrong? Do you make a very quick judgment, maybe even without thinking or contemplating? It is important to be aware how you react and interact with the world, both within you and around you. Once you begin to understand these energies, good and bad, wrong and right, truth and false or fake, then you begin to recognise that they are simply perspectives. Maybe even stories or rules. I, Archangel Gabriel, am not asking you to cast away all your beliefs and perspectives, instead to simply acknowledge them and to recognise where there is judgment within your perspectives and whether this judgment really serves you in your spiritual evolution and ascension. Judgment is very much like creating a story or even creating an understanding. It is an action born from perspectives and beliefs.  Beliefs are created by you often during your childhood, carried forth into your adult existence.  As you contemplate these extremes of energy and you even understand their embodiment within your being, you will begin to recognise that they do not exist, they are creations, man-made creations. As you begin to awaken and shift perspectives, you begin to connect within to access your inner power and intuition.

Your inner power and your intuition will share with you the actions that are required for you to achieve on the Earth, from your soul and from the Creator, or offer actions and situations that may serve you. You may judge these as being the right thing to do, following your intuition, the good thing to do and the most truthful thing to do. You may also judge that following your personality or your ego or even your mind might be the bad thing to do, or the false, or the wrong thing to do. When you follow your intuition and your inner power you simply act. This action comes from the Divine, the divine presence of the Creator, this action inspires you, it fills you with love, it fills you with peace, it fills you with courage and strength. Therefore, you embody and experience it in your reality.  It is as you achieve this that you dissolve the perspectives of whether it is good or bad, wrong or right, truthful or fake. Therefore, you liberate yourself and begin to exist in harmony, in oneness, in divine balance with the Creator, thus you experience inner peace. You dissolve judgments and their restrictions upon your being and your experiences on the Earth. You cannot live a full Creator fulfilling life if you hold onto judgments. What will also occur is that you begin to forgive, you forgive yourself and you forgive those around you, you forgive the Earth. You forgive the Creator; thus a deep and powerful healing takes place within your being which is immensely liberating and freeing. Through this process you will begin to understand that you can love, you can love unconditionally, whether it is in a relationship, a friendship or even loving all beings. When you love unconditionally, you can also retain your inner power. Many souls or many beings upon the Earth hold the belief that to love unconditionally is to lose their power, this is not the case. When you love you gain your power, you accept your power, you embody your power, you become your power in action. Observing, awakening, and shifting these simple perspectives at this time in Ascension is immensely important. To achieve this, you simply observe yourself. You recognise yourself; you recognise the thoughts that you create, you recognise your actions. Then you are contemplating good and bad, wrong and right, false and truth, recognising them within your reality.

It is so much easier to lean towards good and to judge bad, however, both are judgments. There is no good, there is no bad. There is simply the Creator. The Creator flows through your being and wishes to be enacted through you in every single moment of your reality. It is not that you must put on an act, that you have to put on special clothes to become the Creator in action. You are already the Creator in action and by shifting these perspectives, simply observing and recognising, you will automatically begin to shift your perspective, thus allowing you to realise your Creator perspective. Your Creator perspective is the key to 2021 and beyond, recognising your Creator perspective within and manifesting it into your reality.

This is our Ascension gift to you, I, Archangel Gabriel will be present to support you, please do call upon me to assist you, especially in times of confusion.

My love is with you always.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Gabriel

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Ascension Gift 3: The Law of Oneness by Mahatma

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I am the Cosmic Logos Mahatma. I come forth as an energy frequency, as a source of light, as a collective energy and a collective consciousness. It is my purpose to oversee the energies of the entire Universe of the Creator from the cosmic level, thus I deliver the Creator’s energy to all beings, today I bring forth the Creator’s energy to you. You receive the energy of the Creator, you embody it, you are the energy of the Creator and so I act as a mirror, I act as an expression, a reflection of your own truth, of all that is the Creator.

I bring forth a gift of ascension, it is our third gift in this journey of 2021, this gift of ascension is labelled the Law of Oneness. The Law of Oneness already exist within your being, in fact the gift that I share with you already exist within your being and yet as I give this energy to you, it is an activation. An activation that takes place within your being, of remembrance and connection with yourself, with all aspects of yourself on all dimensions and with the Creator. I bring forth a sacred multi-dimensional template which holds the purest vibration of the Law of Oneness and it is this that I wish to download and activate within your being, it is essential to navigate through the ascension process and pathway of 2021.

What is the Law of Oneness?

It is the vibration akin to the most sacred strand of light held within the core of the Creator that allows, creates, and supports the existence of oneness, unity, and truth. It supports and creates the existence of blending and synthesis. The Creator is a formless, limitless, label less energy, and yet the Creator creates and expresses the energy vibrations of the Creator and this allows for form to take place. It allows for active energy and momentum thus expanding the energy of the Creator. The Law of Oneness encourages us to be aware that we are in fact an aspect of the Creator, we are formless, label less and limitless. This allows us to realise our greater oneness and connection with the Creator. When we recognise ourselves in this way, we let go of all personality, all baggage, all struggle, all challenge, maybe even the desire to achieve. We simply become, we are, we are in existence, we are in the moment and we recognise ourselves in others, allowing others to recognise themselves in us. Although we recognise different aspects of ourselves within different beings, we are recognising the same, the Creator. At the highest vibration, unity and oneness is the blending of all aspects of the Creator, you might say the blending of all beings into a source.

As you experience oneness and unity on the Earth, it is more about connection. Connecting with others, accepting others, supporting others, connecting with yourself, accepting yourself, supporting yourself. It is like creating a community, although the expression does not have to be physical it can be experienced within your being. When you are open, expansive and allow your energy to flow, especially to other beings not only humans, you allow yourself to receive light and love from others, then you are in the existence of oneness.

I, Mahatma wish to encourage you to contemplate the energy of oneness.

What Does Oneness Mean to You?

I invite you to describe, to explore, what oneness is experience like within your being as if you are sharing an explanation to another being of what it is like to embody oneness. I wish to encourage you to ask yourself, how can you create more oneness and unity within your being and reality.

Where Is Oneness Missing? Where Is Unity Missing?

To recognise where oneness and unity are missing is to recognise where you are struggling. Where you push away others and wish to achieve something on your own. Where you disregard the help of others or maybe perceive that there is not even any help for you. Loneliness can be where you recognise there is a lack of oneness and unity. It is to acknowledge in those areas where there is a lack of unity and oneness, what would it be like, how would your reality or your experience be different if oneness and unity were present. I, Mahatma invite you to contemplate this almost as if you are rewriting your entire being, your entire existence and reality. You can even enter your past where there was a lack of unity and oneness. Through visualisation, writing down or speaking, you will rewrite those experiences. The more you engage with the energy of oneness and unity, the more you visualise and create this energy within your being and your reality, the more you will open yourself up to receiving my multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness.

If you are unable to understand the presence of Oneness, then downloading and activating the template will not serve you, as you may not be able to recognise its presence and its influence within your reality. It is important to contemplate the energy of oneness especially within your being and reality. When you feel as if you have made progress with this then I, Mahatma, wish to invite you to download and activate the cosmic multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness.

I, Mahatma invite you to sit peacefully, to breathe deeply with each breathe you inhale and exhale, focus upon expansion. The expansion of your breathe, the expansion of your body, being, energy, and awareness. I, Mahatma will download a pearlescent and turquoise light over and through your being like a beam of light. As you experience the beam of light you will begin to notice that from above numerous templates begin to flow down, stopping just above your head. There are many templates, each template holds the vibration of oneness, a perspective of oneness, what you might say the Laws of Oneness, the understanding of oneness for the entire Universe of the Creator and the Earth.

As more and more templates gather above your head within this cylinder of turquoise and pearlescent light, I invite the Cosmic Council of 12 to surround you with myself, Mahatma. We begin to send our energy into the templates above your head, inviting you to send the energy of your soul from all aspects of your being and your body upwards through your chakra column to connect with the templates. As we send energy to these templates they begin to merge and synthesise, becoming one template, an expression of all aspects and expression of the whole.

When you are ready you may invite this template, the multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness to move over and through your being, moving over and through your body, in your auric field from top to bottom. As it achieves this it is grounding and activating the energies, within your being. Your entire being is being filled with the light of the template of the Law of Oneness. This takes place gradually, the template will move down over and through your being, and the template will rest within your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Your Earth Star Chakra is a chakra that allows energy to manifest physically in your reality, sharing sacred vibrations with Mother Earth and supporting full embodiment.

‘I fully embody the multi-dimensional Law of Oneness Template.’

This is statement you can repeat to yourself. Allow the template to rest within your Earth Star Chakra for as long as you wish. Observe the influence, the energies, the vibrations that radiate, and simply be present with the template, meditate with it, receive what is necessary and appropriate for you. You may not know what is necessary and appropriate, that is fine, simply be open to receive and in doing so you are open to being the energy of oneness.

It is now time to explore the energy of oneness, it is so important now on the Earth that humanity remembers they are one with all, they are the same and experience a divine connection.

My love, my support is with you always,

Cosmic Logos Mahatma

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the 144

Ascension Gift 2 – Golden Stream of Awakening with the 144

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings to all beings on the Earth traveling through their ascension process. We are a collective, we are an energy, we are the 144. We are an expression of infinity and we are an expression of the love of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness. Many of us have existed upon the Earth. We have moved through the ascension process and yet we access our higher forms and divine self, existing as one, a collective of energy, an expression of the Creator.

We, the 144 come forth to you now. We wish to share with you a new awakening process that we are instigating, we are energising, amplifying, and extending or transmitting throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, and especially for the Earth. We call this awakening process the Golden Stream of Awakening, this is the highest vibration of Christ Consciousness. It is important to realise that Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion nor Master Jesus. Christ Consciousness is the expression of love, the purest expression of love from the Creator. It is a vibration, frequency, and sound, it brings forth healing, illumination and enlightenment. We are sending this as a stream of golden liquid light. Imagine this stream of liquid golden light akin to rain flowing over and through your being, like the most beautiful waterfall cascading in all directions.

This energy is cascading into your being, into the earth, into all aspects. Imagine everything covered in golden liquid light, it glimmers, it shimmers, it shines. Feel, sense, acknowledged the golden liquid light flowing over and through your being, every pore of your being, every cell absorbs this golden stream, every aspect of your reality, all your creations, experiences, manifestations are being filled with this golden liquid light. Everything looks beautiful, everything holds the vibration of the Creator, the essence, and the truth of the Creator. Imagine, sense, acknowledge this for a few moments, for it is the truth, the wave, the Ascension Gift we, the 144, gift to you now.

We gift this energy because we know that love is so important. We know that love is the essence of your being. In order to comfort you, to ground you, to create healing, to allow you to expand and develop into all you are, love is required and the activation of the purest vibration of love within your being is immensely required now. The love is the Christ Consciousness, it is the love that we the 144 gift with the vibration of infinity. This love is deeply important because as you experience the love, you also experience Infinity, the infinite energy and vibration of the Creator and the infinite energy and vibration of your own being. Infinity is expansive, limitless, it ensures that everything and everyone is connected. Love in many ways is the same but these two energies merged as one with intention and purpose create such a powerful surge of light, a Golden Stream of Awakening.

The Golden Stream of Awakening is for you to absorb, it is for you to gain, receive, embody, ground and to share with others. Let yourself be a beacon of Golden Light. Let yourself be like the riverbed allowing the golden river to flow. The Golden Stream of Awakening is of the purest vibration of love and infinity from us, the 144, it will increase and develop yourself love. It will support you in anchoring love into everything that you are, anchoring love and infinity into everything that you do and create.

Imagine if all your insights, inner guidance, expressions, manifestations, and actions came from this synthesis of love and infinity. What would manifest for you? What would your reality look like or be like? Is there a part of your being that resists this complete and absolute love and the purest vibration of infinity? If so, why because you are more than deserving, it is your natural existence.

Your Natural Existence

During 2021, your purpose is to return to alignment with your natural existence. The question then arises, what is normal/natural for you? What does normal/natural even mean? You might say that your reality, your perspectives, your beliefs, your opinions, your actions are all normal/natural for you. We, the 144, agree that the purest vibration of love and infinity embodied within your being, expressed through your being and everything that you are is normal/natural for you, more so than anything you experience, do or create in your reality.

Golden Stream of Awakening can be impactful, can be the foundation of everything that you are and everything that you create. As you receive the Golden Stream of Awakening from us, the 144, it will create deep healing, deep awakening, a purification, and cleansing. This will be deeply comforting, supportive, loving, and truthful. It will feel like a warm embrace, revealing so much of yourself, knowing that you are loved and supported, and that all is well. It is a very gentle, tender, loving experience. The more you connect with the Golden Stream of Awakening, the more you will embody these energies and bring them into your reality, benefiting from the healing vibrations and the awakening.

If the Golden Stream of Awakening brings forth awakening you may wish to ask yourself. What do you wish to awaken within your own being? What do you wish to bring into action through the presence of love and infinity? We, the 144 are present to support you in your embodiment and expression of the synthesis of love and infinity. If love is infinity it has no boundaries, no limitations, no judgments. Its power is immense and that is what we wish to support you in experiencing, the power of your love. Are you ready to unlock the power of your love? Are you ready to recognise what the power of your love can bring forth and how it can be of service to you? This is what we ask of you as we bring forth the Golden Stream of Awakening.

Allow yourself to sit in meditation or quiet time. Call us first, the 144 in your own words, invite us to be present around you, feel our energy, receive our light, absorb our vibrations and invite us to gift and align you to our Golden Stream of Awakening. Allow yourself to receive the Golden Light, receive it for as long as you wish.

You may wish to affirm:

‘I am the synthesis of love and infinity.’

When you feel as if you are really connecting with that vibration of the Golden Stream of Awakening, love and infinity being present within your being, you may wish to say:

‘I unlock the power of my love. I unlock the power of my love.’ 

Without any expectations, without any judgments, simply be present and receive. This may be an ongoing experience and an ongoing realisation for you.

We love you dearly completely and absolutely.

We thank you,

We are the 144





Exploring the Dimensions of the Divine Goddess with the Creator and the Goddess

Resetting Ascension, the Earth and Humanity, Empowering the Truth of the Creator and developing your communicating with the Innocence of the Goddess

With the Creator and the Goddess

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Thursday 21st January 2021 – 3.30pm – 4.10pm

We welcome the presence and inspiration of the Creator to enable and awaken a deeper understanding of how accessing and activating the Creator’s innocence can bring healing to your being and the Earth. The Creator speaks of resetting ascension, the direction the Earth is moving in and the actions of humanity, thus resetting you and all into alignment with the truth of the Creator within. This is deeply aligned with our current ascension process as the New Earth Ascension Blueprint clears space within your being and reality to create a New Earth and reality.

To access the sacred innocence and truth within your being you are encouraged to explore the dimensions of the Divine Goddess. The Divine Goddess guides you to be in pure and true conversation with all that is the Goddess. You are encouraged to explore the relationship between the energy of the goddess within you and the essence of the Goddess, exploring how to assist the goddess energy in rising within you. You will be invited to discover what your inner goddess wishes to show you, share with you, as well as, sacred messages your Goddess wishes you to understand, thus beginning a truthful conversation with your goddess self. It is time to let go of all preconceived ideas of the goddess, to discover the dimensions of the goddess, seeking the truth, innocence, and essence of the Goddess. The Goddess energy will assist you in acknowledging the energy of birth/ creation within the goddess bringing it into motion and action in your life, thus supporting your creations and manifestations.

It is time to create a true, meaningful, and sacred conversation with the Goddess as the Goddess frequency arises within your being.

Let Natalie, the Goddess energy and the Creator guide you.

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Walk the Ascension Pathway You Wish for Yourself

Evolved and Accelerate Ascension with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint

Inspire a Deep Ascension Awakening Within Your Being and Move to A New Level Divine Embodiment

Access the Next Stage of Your Personal Ascension from the Blueprint

With the Soul Group Collective of All Present

Part 1 – Thursday 18th June Recording Available

Part 2 – Thursday 25th June Recording Available

Part 3 – Thursday 2nd July Recording Available

Part 4 – Thursday 9th July Recording Available

Is there an aspect of your ascension and spiritual pathway you have always wanted to overcome, transform, or embody?

Do you feel stuck and want to experience your self-growing spiritually and embodying the divine?

Do you feel uncertain of your next personal step/stage of ascension?

The New Earth Ascension Blueprint gifted by the Cosmic Council of 12 holds all the wisdom, inspiration, activations, and light vibrations to support your accelerated ascension. There is simply a need to connect with the Blueprint using its energy to activate and accelerate your ascension process. Your Soul Group will channel as a collective synthesised as one voice with the Soul Groups of all present through Natalie, guiding you and all as to how to make the necessary ascension shifts within your being which will allow you to notice your ascension pathway and divine embodiment unfolding.

The Soul Group Collective of All Present will guide you to:

Release important blockages which may be stopping your ascension progressing as you may wish.

Communicate with your Soul and Soul Group to discover what your ascension path in this lifetime looks like and how to bring it fully into fruition.

Awaken deep-seated sacred energies held within your Soul and Soul Group which ignite new abilities and spiritual skills.

Access your inner power, intuition, and spiritual sensitivity to liberate your inner mastery and sacred knowledge.

It is time for you to walk the ascension pathway you have wished and desire to experience all your life. It is time to access ascension skills that currently feel out of your reach and to become the embodiment you desire for yourself on the Earth. Allow Soul Group Collective of All Present to guide, inspire, and awaken your being. Let yourself be guided to bring forth your spiritual self to exist in the New Phase on the Earth now dawning.

Join Natalie and the Soul Group Collective of All Present in this four-part channeled webinar designed to encourage your ascension and the decoding of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint.

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