Accessing Your Inner Silence by Saint Germain

Greetings, beloved beings of light.
I am Saint Germain and come forth with love, truth transformation, and spiritual magic to serve you at this time, I wish to promote within your daily reality, a moment of silence in order to allow yourself to breathe in time with the Universe of the Creator and to breathe in time with your entire being on all the many levels and dimensions of your being. The purpose of this is to rebalance your being and your energies. Your energy flow and your ability to receive the Creator will be balanced allowing you a moment of what you need.
What do you need to nurture and nourish your being in this stage of your ascension? What do you need to take the next step forward in your ascension?
This means that our moment of silence for you will be completely different from another person, and each time you achieve it you may gain something different. It is important in spiritual growth to receive what you need.
The mind creates beautiful patterns, ideas and limitations, sometimes distracting from the pathway that is needed or the understanding or clarity that is required. With a moment of silence, where you breathe in time with the Universe of the Creator and you breathe in time with your entire being, you allow yourself to balance and receive all that is necessary. Not necessarily, what you want, but what you need. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if every being on the Earth stopped at the same time and achieve this practice? Every being would receive what they need to support them in ascension and their reality. Therefore, as a collective, everyone would receive what they needed as well. It would be a very powerful transformation.
When an Ascension shift and wave of energy flows from the Universe of the Creator and the core of the Creator, this is what all beings within the universe of the Creator, the inner planes achieve. They have a moment of silence where they breathe in time with the Creator and all that is the Creator and therefore are able to receive everything that they need to nurture and nourish themselves. So, I Saint Germain invite you to achieve the same in your reality.
Firstly, the word silence can be quite misleading. However, there doesn’t seem to be a word that truly describes this moment. Maybe the best description would be a moment of presence, being present with all that is the Creator or a moment of receiving what you need. When we use the word silence, it often dictates that the sound is turned down, there are no thoughts in your mind, and that your surroundings need to be quiet, but this is not the case. It is easy for people upon the Earth to take a moment of silence, where they reflect within, it is an understanding that is well-known. Please be aware your thoughts do not need to be silent, nor does your outside reality. It is simply a moment of inner reflection and connection.
Secondly, being open to what you need is something that is lacking in humanity upon the Earth. Many drive forth the thoughts of what they believe they need but very few open to simply accept what the Creator believes is appropriate for them. Sometimes there are numerous blocks even in the process of receiving. Do you believe yourself capable of receive everything that the Creator wishes to share with you, to really receive it and embody it, taking it into your being and utilising it in a way that serves you. Simply holding the intention allows you to achieve this process with greater ease. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to grasp what you are being given. There is essentially no need for understanding with the mind.
The most important aspect is the intention of receiving and embodying, and so I, Saint-Germain invite you to take a moment several times a day to focus within your being, to breathe deeply, to ask to receive all that you need at this stage of your reality and your ascension.
Then to hold the intention or to ask to breathe in the same rhythm as your entire being, your divine self, all the many levels and layers of your being and of course, your physical body as well.
Then when you feel it is appropriate, ask to breathe in time, in rhythm, with the Universe of the Creator. Simply continue to focus on inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply. As you focus on your breathing, certain inspiration, awareness, vision, symbols, colours, thoughts, or sensations, may come into your awareness, simply observe and bring your attention back to your breathing.
This is an immensely nurturing process. It is a special gift of insight and remembrance that I wish to share with you.

I thank you. I am Saint Germain.

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