Exciting News:

Natalie is Back LIVE Channeling Webinars!

Hello Beloved Friends, I will be present with you and channeling live once more, beginning on

Monday 23rd March at 3.30pm GMT (UK Time.)

Its been over a year since I have channeled a webinar live, due to the birth of my son, so I am super excited to connect and share with you all. Our gathering and light connection is needed so much now on the Earth, as humanity and Mother Earth move through challenging shifts of ascension. With the beings from the Inner Planes I am here to support you and encourage the power of our united love to radiate far and wide. I do hope you will join me.

Your Ascension and World Service Amidst Chaos and Fear

 With the Celestial White Beings, Mahatma and Archangel Metatron

Discover what is happening currently in the world, your ascension and the transformation shifts humanity are moving through as a collective

Learn how you can step into your power and purpose as a being of service and healing

Part 1 – 3.30pm GMT (UK Time) Monday 23rd March 2020  Recording Available

Part 2 – 3.30pm GMT (UK Time) Thursday 26th March 2020  Recording Available

Part 3 – 3.30pm BST (UK Time) Monday 30th March 2020   Recording Available

Part 4 – 3.30pm BST (UK Time) Thursday 2nd April 2020     Recording Available

Part 5 – 3.30pm BST (UK Time) Monday 6th April 2020    Recording Available

Part 6 – 3.30pm BST (UK Time) Thursday 9th April 2020   Last Part of this Webinar

Join Natalie as she channels her soul group the Celestial White Beings, Mahatma and Archangel Metatron live. This series of webinars are inspired by the current situation (Coronavirus) humanity is facing as a collective and the multi-dimensional Ascension Shifts taking place for all now on the Earth. This is a powerful time on the Earth, do you choose fear or love, suppression or enlightenment?

Humanity in their ascension journey are at a crossroads, it is time to step fully into the light, into your power, ascension journey and world service, but how do you do that? The Celestial White Beings, Mahatma and Archangel Metatron wish to support, guide, encourage and inspire you to fully engage with the ascension shifts taking place for you and all. These sacred and wise being also wish to alert you to the areas of your being and the world that require healing, need assistance with the ascension shifts and where purification is required. There is so much for us to understand, explore, ground and connect with, lets do it together in unison and create positive imprt 4acts and possibilities for self and all.

You are an integral part of the puzzle unfolding and the Divine Plan of the Creator. You are important to this journey we are all moving through now.

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Part 1

Monday 23rd March 2020

Recording Available

Part 2

Thursday 26th March 2020

Recording Available

Part 3

Monday 30th March 2020

Recording Available

Part 4

Thursday 3rd April 2020

Recording Available

Part 5

Monday 6th April 2020

Recording Available

Part 6

Thursday 9th April 2020

at 3.30pm BST

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