Your Personal Ascension with the 7th Dimension

With Master Kuthumi

Channeled Workshop with Natalie Glasson

7  Workshop sections in zipped Mp3 format files. (Approx 3 Hours)
Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop

Workshop Recording in mp3 format Download Total             £12.00

Master Kuthumi brings forth a unique opportunity to integrate with and explore the 7th Dimension of the Creator’s Universe. There is a precise and meaningful purpose for this connecting with the 7th Dimension now. Acceptance and alignment with your Soul Group is essential now to shift the momentum and vibration of the Earth and your being into a new cycle of evolution. Each Soul Group embodies the Creator’s templates of harmony and united consciousness co-creation. It is important for these sacred templates, at the core and essence of all beings, to be reactivated in order to bring forth a new vibration, which is both healing and uplifting for all. Master Kuthumi invites you to be an anchor for your Soul Group’s templates of harmony and united consciousness co-creation and a distributor of the new momentum of light.

Master Kuthumi invites you to commune with your Soul Group, to share and receive wisdom from your Soul Group and enhance your embodiment of the frequencies of this higher manifestation of yourself. Through connecting with and understanding your Soul Group on a deeper level you will access a greater aspect of yourself, truth and divinity, as well as new sacred wisdom and abilities.

The 7th Dimension enhances your connection with your Soul Group and acts as a sanctuary for sacred communication. The 7th Dimension promotes new learning through detachment, encourages you to reassess and review your spiritual pathway and goals of evolution on the Earth, as well as your abilities to fulfil yourself and experience your soul’s fulfilment. Master Kuthumi wishes to guide you to work with the 7th Dimension in order to reevaluate your spiritual pathway, your perceptions and how you can flow with greater ease. You will be encouraged to access new enlightenment and insights in regard to your current stage of ascension and that which you have created so far in your existence. Focus will be placed on how you can better access and embody the energy of fulfilment in your being and reality. The 7th Dimension supports the realisation of expansion within your being, the experience of embodiment, integration and allows for you to see, sense and acknowledge with new clarity, clearness and understanding. Master Kuthumi wishes to work with you to aid your further embodiment and integration with your Soul Group and divinity while awakening new inspiring insights from within your being to serve you and humanity in the current ascension process.

It is time to detach from what is no longer needed, reassess who you are, where you are in your life and spiritual growth and understanding the next stage for you. Let your Soul Group and Master Kuthumi guide you as you gain new understanding about yourself and experience deep shifts of integration and embodiment.

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