Extracts from Love = Power Retreat

The Celestial White Beings, Lord Buddha, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi and many more wish to guide you

Channeled Workshop with Natalie Glasson

12  Workshop sections in zipped Mp3 format files.
Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop

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Love = Power Retreat

This audio download allows you to listen to some of the channelings from the Retreat, a variety of channelings have been chosen to give you a sense of the Retreat and allow you to benefit from the wisdom shared. Please note this download does not provide all channelings, techniques, meditations, and activities from the Retreat. 



Shifting into full love embodiment and claiming the infinite power of the Universe of the Creator in your own world.

Heal, embody love, claim your infinite power, channel love and power yourself and deepen your connection with self and the Creator!

It is time to heal the wounds associated with your infinite love and power, using your love and power to create a life of physical and spiritual fulfilment for yourself.

You are a being of infinite love and power channeling through you from the Creator, to be distributed to all on the Earth. You are already mastering loving yourself unconditionally, an awareness of when you diminish your power and when you need to empower yourself. The Love = Power Retreat wishes to guide you in more fully experiencing and claiming the infinite love and power of the Universe of the Creator with a new level of awareness, navigating you to higher levels of your ascension.

The Celestial White Beings, Lord Buddha, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi and many more wish to guide you in exploring the love available to you in the Universe of the Creator, discovering how claiming the power of the Universe of the Creator can shift your being, body, mental attitude and reality into accelerated divine awakening. When you accept both love and power as your source and essence you realise the treasure of wisdom, knowledge and divine enlightenment that is merged with your divine presence and is available to you now. For so many civilisations there has been a battle whether internally or externally among people between power and love.  Love is often seen as powerless while power is perceived as negative and harmful. Within the Universe of the Creator and within the essence of your being love and power are equal, one and harmonised, it is from the source of love and power that the truth of the Creator can be fully appreciated.

Many of you may have experience the disempowerment of your love and separation from your power in this lifetime or past lifetimes, this will be discovered at the Love = Power Retreat. With healing brought forth through your being and from the Universe of the Creator to restore the pure presence of the Creator within you. You will be guided to experience processes of releasing old blockages and patterns that hinder you in moving to the next level of love and power embodiment. You will be encouraged to explore the purpose of your love and power, how you can be an expression of these harmonised energies, and the impact this would have on your current life.

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