Becoming a Christ Consciousness High Functioning Being

With Lady Pallas Athena (Chohan of the 12th Ray of Light)

Channeled Workshop with Natalie Glasson

Workshop Recording Price = £12 in zipped Mp3 format files.


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Recorded Workshop Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop

Raise Your Energy Vibration and Allow Yourself to Blossom

Connecting with your soul and Christ consciousness to heighten the senses, abilities and natural functioning of your entire being!

Create the appropriate conditions within your being for ascension awakening and advancement to aid and support your existence of your physical body and soul on the Earth.

Lady Pallas Athena wishes to support you in using the Christ Consciousness light, vibration and wisdom to support you in activating, remembering and accessing the high functioning being that you naturally are. The Christ Consciousness is a label for pure consciousness and the original awareness intended for those living on the Earth. Lady Pallas Athena wishes to support you in accessing your pure consciousness, bringing it into your body and awareness so that you may remember how to integrate and use it to advance spiritually and physically. Your pure consciousness will not only bring forth enlightenment, the greater ability to see beyond illusions and to access a new perspective, it can be used as an energy source to enthuse, energise and quicken the vibration of your being, physically and spiritually.

The Christ Consciousness can be a catalyst to rejuvenating your health, bringing clarity to your mind, awakening new skills and abilities, accessing sacred wisdom, balance your emotions, support healing and much more. Many of us feel, think and acknowledge that as spiritual beings in physical bodies we are capable of far more than our current function level. Lady Pallas Athena wishes to share with you activations, techniques, areas of focus and guidance to aid you in creating the most appropriate conditions and awakening within your being to allow and support your being on all levels in accessing, embodying and existing as its higher functions. She wishes to promote greater sensitivity to the Creator and inner planes, empowerment to instigate your own healing, the ability to think from a purer consciousness of truth and so much more. Lady Pallas Athena aims to empower you to awaken yourself beyond limitations to allow yourself to support the ascension, physical health, emotional health, mental health and blossoming of your true essence.

At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 your soul integrated with your personality and physical being to share with you a new perspective. Your soul holds the pure consciousness that is the Christ Consciousness and wishes to ground it fully into your being. It is time to align with the newly downloaded presence of your soul, to explore how your soul and the Christ Consciousness can accelerate the awakening of your physical body and energy field, so you may recognise yourself as an outstanding physical being upon the Earth.

Lady Pallas Athena will share with you how to access and use from your soul and the Christ Consciousness: Christ Light Vitamins and Minerals, Advanced Mind Clarity Light Technology, Christ Fluidity Cleansing, Health and Rejuvenation Templates and Activations, Christ Chakra Evolution, Sacred Christ Consciousness Crystals and their Purposes, Negativity Detoxification, Alignments to promote a higher frequency functioning within your organs, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Balancing within the Brain and so much more.

Join Pallas Athena, the Christ Consciousness and Natalie to take responsibility for your entire being and positively promote what you wish to experience, embody and exist as upon the Earth.


Natalie will channel wisdom, consciousness, guidance, healing, meditations and spiritual practices, she will also share her beautiful and healing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the workshop.

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