Alignment for 2017: Divine Union

With Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus

Channeled Workshop with Natalie Glasson. Recorded in London, UK

6  Workshop sections 3 Hours 25 Mins in zipped Mp3 format files.
Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop

Workshop Recording in mp3 format Download Total             £12.00

In 2017 we are energetically being guided to anchor and embody greater aspects of our soul, merging this with our human aspect and experiences. Each person’s synthesis with their soul will create an embodiment and grounding of the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness at a physical level. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies have not been in balance since Lemuria, where this balance and harmony between both aspects of the Creator created a beautiful consciousness from the essence of the Creator which we today label as the Christ Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is humanity’s original consciousness; it is how we were all intended to exist upon the Earth. Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene in their lifetime were simply demonstrating this to us to remind us of our truth. They wish to come forth to further demonstrate this to you.

Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene invite you to experience a deep and powerful alignment with the energies of the Goddess and Christ Consciousness to assist, heal and transform your being, supporting your ascension in 2017.

These two sacred beings wish to support you in experiencing more fully your Divine Union with the Creator, yourself and the Universe of the Creator. They wish to share with you what Divine Union really is and how you to access this sacred energy within you, learning to use it in your everyday reality. Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene recognise Divine Union as a power within you which can be utilised to accelerate your ascension, awaken new abilities within your being as well as birthing a new perceptive which is the purpose of 2017.

Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene recognise that Divine Union can be accessed through simple practices such as feeling grounded in your body, sharing compassion and self-love with yourself, creating a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within you as well as taking responsibility for your spiritual evolution and reality. Many of us are already grasping these practices and putting them into action in everyday life so Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus wish to encourage us where to place our focus in order to fully accelerate our inner and outer experiences of union with the Creator.

This is a wonderful experience to explore the energies of the Universe of the Creator, to experience and develop a greater unison with yourself, soul and those around you who reflect the Creator. To experience a deeper union with Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Divine Mother, Your Christ Consciousness and so much more. Let resistance and limitations fall away as you are guided to connect on a deeper level with all that is the Creator, truly feeling and experiencing that we are one. Thus, a new perceptive will dawn within your being, mind and emotions from the sacred energies and Divine Union of the Creator. This is a beautiful opportunity to transform in exquisite energies and give birth to a new perceptive to support your ascension on the Earth now.

Natalie will channel wisdom, consciousness, guidance, healing, meditations and spiritual practices from Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She will also share her beautiful and healing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the workshop.

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