Inner Planes Pleiadian Mystery School ExperienceInner Planes Pleiadian Mystery School Experience

Beautiful Star Being activations to aid your ascension and deepen your connection with the Star Being Consciousness

With the Pleiadians

Workshop Recording from Lancaster Gate, London, UK

A seminar is taking place upon the inner planes led by the Pleiadean civilisation in their Mystery School, and you are invited to attend! Many Star Being Civilisations will be present as well as familiar Ascended Masters. This is an amazing opportunity to experience powerful activations, awaken and receive wisdom, ignite inner healing and healing abilities, synthesis with the Star Beings’ consciousness, receive light downloads and the transformation of limiting energies within your being and humanity.  You will be prepared and transported to the Pleiadian Mystery School on the inner planes by the Pleiadians. You will be invited to explore and experience their Mystery School and all the exciting encounters it has to offer. Numerous activation chambers will be made available to you as will wise beings who can personally assist your ascension and spiritual journey on the Earth.

The workshop and inner planes seminar will be divided into sessions of inspiration and enlightenment, activations, healing awakening and transformation, especially focused upon transformation of consciousness. The Pleiadians will focus upon how to utilise your magnificent power, aligning your mental body with your inner power, accessing the power and conscious remembrance of the Star Beings, recognising your pathway to the Creator, discovering and healing your contract with the Star Beings, recoding all aspect of your being with your soul’s chosen Star Being qualities and receiving special activations from the Pleiadians.

Join the Pleiadians, Star Beings and Natalie for this unique, inspirational and explorative inner planes experience. Natalie will also share the sacred sounds of her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.





1 Day London Workshop Recording £12

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