Capsule of Wisdom No 180

Mahatma Healing Energy and Recalibration

Accessing the Mahatma healing energy and recalibrating your entire being to align with wholeness, completeness and oneness

By Cosmic Logos Mahatma

Capsule of Wisdom


The Cosmic Logos Mahatma brings forth a high vibrational expression of the Creator to inspire your own greater and deeper connection with the Creator. Mahatma guides you to recalibrate your entire being so you may embody the purity, truth, wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. It is from this state of being and mind that Mahatma will support you in accessing the Mahatma Healing Light, supporting you in experiencing the healing energy for yourself and being of service to others. Connect with purer vibrations of your being, soul, the mahatma and the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 39 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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