Thank You Very Much

We are really grateful and humbled by your generous gift to us, thank you for helping to make our dreams come true.

Our wedding was very much a homemade wedding, our family and friends were generous with their talents and time. The ceremony took place in Nick’s parents garden under a fabulous oak tree. My mum and dad were creative with the decorations and flowers. I wrote (channelled) our wedding script and together Nick and I created our vows. Our friend conducted the ceremony which was very moving for us and very meaningful. As we were saying our vows it started to rain so lightly which felt like a blessing from the heavens.

I searched for a long time to find my wedding dress, I am quite petite and wanted to buy a dress from an outlet bridal store to reduce the cost and so I could take it away with me. My wedding dress was not at all what I imagine it would be, but perfect and I loved its ethereal style. It fitted well so my mum only needed to do a few small alterations. My mum also made my veil.

A special thank you to my mum Janice and dad Neal for all the hard work and creative energy they put into our wedding to make it such a beautiful and unique occasion.

We had the most amazing wedding day which will stay in our hearts forever.

We are so thankful for everyone’s support and love,

Below are a few pictures from our wedding day.

Love Natalie and Nick x