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The Sacred School of OmNa Webinar Masterclasses are a wonderful way to connect with and watch Natalie as she channels live and shares her guidance and love. The Webinars allow you to enjoy the experience of meditating in a group, experiencing the power and benefits of connecting your energy and focus with others. Your identity remains private during the Webinars; however, you will benefit from the beautiful written sharing of others and the power of meditating as a group. Each webinar series normally has 3 or 4 channeled gatherings from a variety of Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangel, Star Beings or Light Beings. The subject matters vary and are guided by the Light Beings and Natalie’s Guides to support you in advancing through your ascension process with ease. Most webinars are an hour long with additional sharing through messaging at the end of the webinar.

Recorded and past webinars create the same experience, energy, and the benefits of group connection, allowing you to choose a subject matter that resonates with your current ascension journey.

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