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Natalie is currently taking time out to birth and care for your new son. This means she is unable to run live webinars in her usual way. Natalie has co-created with her guides and those on the inner planes who oversee the Sacred School of OmNa several webinar series appropriate for this time in ascension, so you may continue to benefit from the sacred energies of those that love and support us from the inner planes. The energies and wisdom are as powerful as when Natalie channels live in your presence and the group energy created in each webinar will remain just as potent and supportive to your ascension. There are two positive additions to these webinars, Natalie makes her webcam live so you can watch her channel, you can also view the webinar at a time that is appropriate and comfortable for you. Natalie will be back very soon with her Live Webinars.

How It Works 

The dates on each webinar and webinar series specify when the webinar is available to purchase and ready to watch. You will receive a newsletter alerting you that a new webinar is available, if you are not already signed up to Natalie’s newsletter Click Here.

When purchasing an available webinar, you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar and an audio version of the webinar. It is advisable to watch the webinar first before you download the audio version as you will be able to watch Natalie channel as she makes her webcam live!

You can watch the webinar at a convenient time for you and as many times as you wish.

You can only purchase one webinar at a time as they become available, at the end of the series you can purchase all three if you missed the webinar series.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the webinars, please use the contact page.

October  Masterclasses

Healing Self and World Anxiety

Part 1   Thursday 24th October 2019

Part 2   Thursday 31st October 2019

With Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

Channeled Webinar through Natalie Glasson

It seems that everyone holds some form of anxiety within their being, whether they realise it or not. Many of humanity’s creations at the moment are being built and formed from the energy of anxiety. The energy and vibration of anxiety seems to weave its way through everything causing many to feel blocked, alone, limited, fearful and lacking in life’s zest. Many people do not even realise they energise and project some form of anxiety into their reality and the world. As we move higher and higher in our spiritual ascension accessing greater volumes of the Creator’s frequency and wisdom, it is time to acknowledge and heal the presence of anxiety.

Imagine if you dissolved and released even the energy of anxiety you feel on a daily level, however major or insignificant your anxiety feels to you. Not only would you feel liberated, you would liberate those around you, thus impacting the world in a positive and loving way. What would you create for yourself and others from this state of being?

Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel are powerful healers and invite you to work with them to discover your anxieties, recognise how deep your anxieties are rooted, where they come from, how you can release your anxieties and set yourself free. The Archangels wish to assist you in understanding how you can support others who are experiencing anxiety, as well as, how to impact the world in a healing, positive loving way. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel wish to create a powerful healing and transformational energy to activate healing for all upon the Earth to release all from the entrapment of anxiety.

You were born to be free, loved and loving, grasping all the sacred opportunities the Creator shares with you. Claim your divine right now!

Join Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Natalie for this powerful masterclass of discovery, healing and liberation.

Part 1  24th October 2019  –  Part 2  31st October 2019

Coming Soon

Part 1  24th October 2019

Part 2  31st October 2019




November Masterclasses

The Light Upgrade for 2020

Masterclass Webinar for November 2019

The Light Upgrade for 2020

With Commander Ashtar and the Galactic Federation

Prepare for the 2020 light magnification and access your pathway through this new vibration anchoring

Commander Ashtar beckons us to be present with him and the Galactic Federation Team aboard the Galactic Federation Star Ship to discover and assist in an activation in preparation for 2020. A light upgrade is taking place and you are invited to be a part of the process, receiving on the inner planes and anchoring from your position upon the Earth. 2020 promises to be an explosion of light as the Creator steps up the energy and frequencies flowing to and anchoring into the Earth. The light within those upon the Earth will be magnified, Mother Earth’s light will be magnified, making 2020 a year for spiritual discovery, inner blossoming and outer transformation. The light of the Creator has the power to heal, transform, awaken, manifest and so much more, what will you experience?

For years light workers on the Earth have been building and amplifying the light within their own beings and within others. This light has reached a powerful climax where the Creator and the Universe of the Creator wish to magnify the light vibration and frequency already achieved, to create a powerful surge of light for all to benefit from. Imagine if your light vibration was magnified 100 times, imagine what would awaken and open up for you within your being, there is so much to discover. The power of light workers would be boosted, making it easier to manifest the truth of the Creator for all to experience.

Let Commander Ashtar guide you in the light upgrade that will prepare the vibration and frequency of 2020. Prepare your own being and experience the magnification of your own light, giving you time to adjust to your new vibration before you enter into 2020. Discover why 2020 is such an explosion of light and how you can be of assistance to yourself and others at this time.

Coming Soon in November 2019

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