United Creation of the New Earth

Access your sacred energies of creation, unity, and the New Earth Ascension Blueprint to build a new foundation for self and the collective

With the Celestial White Beings and Master Jeshua

Part 1 – 28th May 2020  Recording Available

Part 2 – 1st June 2020  Recording Available

Part 3 – 4th June 2020  Recording Available

Part 4 – 8th June 2020 Recording Available

The Celestial White Beings and Master Jeshua wish to continue and empower your current ascension journey of awakening. Working with your sacred energies of creation, unity, and the New Earth Ascension Blueprint, they wish to embed into your being and the Earth new intentions, aims and aspirations to support the new earth dawning. Master Jeshua and the Celestial White Beings will teach and guide you how to create what you want in your life and for the Earth in a way which supports the current ascension shifts taking place. This is an opportunity to fine tune your manifestation skills and to explore your unity with the Creator and all beings. Further decoding of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint will take place as we use the blueprint as a guide to choose the appropriate energies and experiences to manifest for all.

Experience what it is like to create as a group for the collective and the next generations, be a part of the history of the Earth’s ascension. Realise what is important now on the Earth and how to bring it into fruition.

We will work with the Elohims, Angels and Elementals to bring the New Ascension Blueprint into manifestation on the Earth as well as creating your own dreams and desires for your current reality.

All creations will be in harmony alignment with the Divine Will and Plan of the Creator, in service for all.

Join the Celestial White Beings, Master Jeshua, and Natalie as we embark on a journey of creation, building new foundations for the Earth and her ascension.

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