Irian from Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 30th November 2009

May the blessings of the Creator shower upon your sacred head, igniting the wisdom within you and illuminating your way forth. I bring these blessings to you from my heart and soul as I introduce myself now. I am Unicorn Irian; I am a soul holding certain qualities which entitle me to be labelled as a unicorn being. I hold the essence of magic, manifestation, love and extremely powerful light. I hold within my soul a breath of the Creator, a thought of the Creator and an emotion of the Creator, as a united source of harmony, love and peace. I, Unicorn Irian, have existed as a horse on the Earth near the Arabian Desert where I was able to learn many life lessons that are similar to those of a human. The galactic masters advised me to incarnate as a physical horse on the Earth so that I would understand physical and mental pain as well as physical love. In the body of a horse all emotions and feelings are raw and are very powerful because one is allowed to simply be, rather than being influenced by others as humans can be.

My existence on the Earth was a very powerful experience for me allowing me to discover and appreciate the ascension process as well as making me aware of the abilities, wisdom and skills that I can share with others now that I exist on the inner planes. I am constantly reminding myself of my previous incarnation when working with humanity so that I can express the true guidance and information that is needed to enhance their growth. I am particularly fond of working with the horses and other mammals on the Earth to share my guidance and of course, the light of the Creator. I am sure that when you return to the inner planes of the Creator's universe you will look back at your time now and treasure every moment as millions of valuable lessons and information grasped in such a short period of time compared with your eternal spiritual and soul existence.

I hope that you will honour and respect the Unicorn Kingdom; we have so much to offer the Earth. We hold the same vibration as the Angelic Kingdom, working closely with the angels to assist the spiritual development of humanity. The unicorns are a great and intense source of love, when you look into our eyes and hearts you will see the beauty of the Creator's love, so blissful, healing and heavenly. It is almost as if we hold within our souls the ability to show you the Earth as a civilisation of love, your own being as a great source of love while assisting you in gazing deep into the soul of the Creator. Our eyes and souls can reflect the divine and sacred energy within your being helping you to see the truth and the presence of heaven within you. Many people cry in joy when they gaze into our eyes or hearts because they see within themselves what they have been searching for through their many incarnations on the Earth. Some would say we are the mirror that allows you to gaze into the purity of your soul. It is because of this that our energies are so healing and nurturing and why we are linked with magic and manifestation. When you call on our energies to surround you and express our healing light, we do send waves of love into your being and soul but we also activate the naturally healing energies within you, supporting you as healing takes place. It is akin to placing a mirror before you, which allows you to search for the healing energy within you, letting the healing be expressed into your entire being. People say they have been healed by the unicorns but in fact, they have healed themselves. Each of you know exactly how to activate your own healing energies and where to locate this light but you have forgotten. If asked unconsciously to achieve this you would automatically activate your healing energy but when the mind is involved it creates a shield before your healing energy, hindering its expression. This is because your mind has not yet realised or placed faith in the healing source within you.

You may wish to try this in your own time, asking the most appropriate unicorn guides of love to surround you and express their love and healing light to you. Then ask to look into our heart or eyes to see the truth, sacred and healing energies within you. You can imagine this or simply acknowledge that it is occurring focusing on your feelings. Allow your unicorn guides to direct you appropriately. It is important to remember that any healing energies you are experiencing are coming from within you as we naturally act as mirrors for you to gaze into your soul. Faith, trust and confidence is needed in order to achieve this, but if you do not receive any insights or sensations know that it may not be your time to achieve this and additional growth is needed.

This was the first piece of information that I was guided by the Creator to share with you, but I also wish to speak for a short while on deciphering energy. This is an insight that I understood while I was on the Earth through various experiences and have recently been guided to share it with others. On the Earth, there are many rules and guidelines which help us to understand what is good and what is bad, what is wrong and what is right. We also have our own inner radar which makes us aware of the influences and consequences of our actions, this is important because it helps us to remain safe and secure, ensuring that we don't intentionally hurt another. We learn that good or right things hold a positive energy and bad or wrong things hold a negative energy. As we exist on the Earth everything that we experience is composed of the Creator's light. At the highest vibration of the Creator's soul we experience pure and loving energies but at a physical level or Earth level everything is mixed up or blended and the loving positive energies of the Creator can sometimes appear to us as negative in order to offer us a gift of a lesson or challenge to grow. If both negative and positive energies that we experience on the Earth are composed from the Creator's energy, isn't everything actually a natural or peacefully loving energy moulded by our reactions, thoughts and observations? This occurred to me during my incarnation and I was able to spend many years developing this understanding into a greater knowledge and way of existence.

At a young age I was very fearful of my owner and whenever I saw my owner drawing close to me the fear would build within me almost like fireworks. I could feel that as the fear built it would manifest different situation that actually affirmed my fears and made me believe that I was right to be fearful. I realised that this was not a pleasant way to exist and that if everything manifested from the soul of the Creator then I must be able to find or draw the Creator's good and loving qualities from the energy around me so that I could exist in a loving atmosphere. I began to understand that I was creating the fear and that I was the only one who could dissolve the fear. I began to work on reducing my fear by calming my energies and working on my focus until I no longer felt fear at the sight of my owner. This manifested in a natural and smooth interaction between us. I realised that our own energies and the energies around us can be influenced by our feelings and thoughts, even people can be influenced in either a negative and positive way. I began to emphasise sending love into all situations especially concerning my owner and found that fear no longer had a place; I had created everything by moulding the energy within and around me. You will probably like to know that I spent many years after that devoted to my owner, feeling the energies of being valued and treasured flowing back at me.

Of course, there are energies expressed from others that may linger in the air or in objects that can cause negative effects, but in your local environment you have the power to create a positive existence for yourself by realising that you are creating negative energies or experience by activating and placing fear onto situations.

I hope that you have been able to comprehend my explanation. An example of my teaching is that if someone says something negative to you they haven't created negativity in your reality until you recognise it or react with a negative emotion. This insight is connected to the teachings of accepting and existing as balance and peace in your emotions and your mind. I simply ask that you think of this and try to comprehend it within your own reality. In my incarnation once I realised this insight I was able to take control of my energy, experiences and reality, gaining a greater mastery.

I wish for you to understand that the love of the unicorn kingdom is with you eternally

I am Unicorn Irian from Unicorn Kingdom

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