The Twelve Rays of Light

A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy 

by Natalie Sian Glasson

Paperback Book plus 6 Free Channelled Guided Meditations


Understand the Twelve Rays of Light. Though commonly spoken of, the wealth of knowledge that they hold is very rarely comprehended or utilised. Learn how they could transform your life and enhance your spiritual progression.

Liberate yourself from the cycle of life and merge once more with the infinite aspect of your soul and the Creator by working diligently with the Twelve Rays. Through study of and integration with the rays and spiritual hierarchy, you will discover the keys to your own ascension process on the Earth.

The Twelve Rays of Light is a unique guidebook to the spiritual hierarchy and energy levels beyond the Earth. It helps you to discover the guides, teachers, leaders and Ascended Masters of the spiritual planes upon whom you may call daily to advance your development, expand your awareness and awaken your true self. The book explains how to experience the qualities of the Creator’s soul with which you can align, and which you can use as healing, support and inspiration both in your reality and to aid others.

You Will Receive

1st Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Chohan Master EL Morya,21.57mins

2nd Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Chohan Master Joshua,17.22mins

3rd Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Chohan Master Serapis Bey, 22.43mins
4th Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Master Paul the Venetian, 22.50mins
5th Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Chohan Master Hilarian 18.53mins
6th Ray of Light Guided Meditation with Chohan Master Lanto, 27.00mins

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Twelve Rays of Light Paperback Book Content

1. An Explanation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Our Planetary Leaders
2. Ascending Masters
3. Reconnecting with the Ascended Masters and our Spiritual Leaders
Connection Exercise
4. Planetary Logos Lord Buddha
5. The Twelve Buddhas
6. Manu Allah Gobi
7. Christ Lord Maitreya
8. Mahachohan Saint Germain
9. World Teachers
10. World Teacher, Master Sananda
11. Master Kuthumi
12. Extension World Teacher Master Djwhal Khul
13. The Board of Karma

14. An Introduction to the Twelve Rays of Light
15. Master El Morya and the First Ray of Light
16. Master Joshua and the Second Ray of Light
17. Master Serapis Bey and the Third Ray of Light
18. Master Paul the Venetian and the Fourth Ray of Light
19. Master Hilarion and the Fifth Ray of Light
20. Master Lanto and the Sixth Ray of Light
21. Lady Portia and the Seventh Ray of Light
22. Lady Nada and the Eighth Ray of Light
23. Lady Mary and the Ninth Ray of Light
24. Lady and Master Andromeda and the Tenth Ray of Light
25. Lady Quan Yin and the Eleventh Ray of Light
26. Lady Pallas Athena and the Twelfth Ray of Light
27. An Insight into Connecting with the Rays

28. The Higher Manifestations of the Spiritual Hierarchy
Summary of the Twelve Rays, their Chohans & Qualities

Preview 1 – PART 1


Chapter 1

An Explanation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Our Planetary Leaders

Spiritual hierarchy is a term often thrown into conversations of a spiritual nature to describe a group of light beings on the spiritual planes that are assisting the Earth in its evolution, acting as unseen forces. The word spiritual can describe individuals or groups of people who have awoken to or realised the light of the Creator and are integrating the divine energies into their beings. A hierarchy is defined as a group of individuals at different levels of ability and understanding, working in ranks or levels governed by a figure of authority.

Our Creator or God is the figure of authority who ultimately governs and oversees the Earth. Between the Earth and the Creator is a vast and intricate hierarchy of light beings who are all focusing their energy and light to the inhabitants of the Earth. We could call this the Earth’s universe, as there are many other spiritual universes and hierarchies that extend from the different planets and stars in the open vastness of space. The Creator is a soul existing within a greater universe which is also sustained by a spiritual hierarchy.

The distance and levels through which a person on the Earth must progress to be reunited with the divine Creator are immeasurable, and continue once we reunite with the Creator. The Creator is our greater, wiser soul who embodies the entire universe, travelling on a spiritual journey with the inhabitants of the Earth and the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy.

When we understand even a small amount about our journey we can comprehend the importance of our work on the Earth. Every action and advancement a soul achieves on the Earth assists the whole hierarchy within the Creator’s universe to surge forward, raising the energy vibration of the Creator. It would seem that our work of growth and spiritual discovery is to aid and benefit the Creator; this is true, but we must remember that every soul on the Earth is a manifestation of the divine Creator, so in truth we are the Creator, and are working for our own spiritual growth and development.

The magnificent realm of the spiritual hierarchy exists on the inner planes as a consciousness invisible to the physical eyes of humans until they gain a significant understanding and awakening. We may imagine the universe as a continuum of layers, on each of which are thousands of light beings and souls working to develop their inner souls. Every soul on these levels has a mission to assist the souls below their level who are trying…………………

Preview 2- Chapter 15
Master El Morya and the First Ray of Light

Master El Morya is an Ascended Master from the Earth school. He lived as braham, father of the Jewish race, and as one of the three wise men who travelled to the birth of Jesus. Like most Ascended Masters he has overcome the initiations and lessons of Earth school and now occupies an important role in the spiritual hierarchy. Master El Morya is the Manu Allah Gobi’s assistant. This may sound as if his responsibilities are minor, but as with all the Masters connected with the rays, his work is immeasurable. The Manu delegates much of his work to Master El Morya, and is also training him to become the next Manu once Allah Gobi evolves to a new position.

Master El Morya assists the Manu in his work with the spiritual and Earth governments, as well as understanding and distributing the will and plans sent by the Creator through the hierarchy. Let us not forget that while Master El Morya is working with the Manu and the other Masters of the rays, his focus is also placed on his own spiritual progression, and of course governing the first ray of light. Master El Morya holds the title of Chohan or governor of the first of the main three rays of light.

The first ray is of a red colour and holds the divine qualities of the Creator’s will within its energy, to be invoked and absorbed both by us, and the Masters on the spiritual planes. At a lower level the red energy of the first ray can offer courage, confidence, determination, strength, bravery, action, boldness and focus. This fiery energy helps many souls on the Earth to achieve their goals and gives them the qualities that are needed to overcome challenges and lessons. Without the first ray of light we would not have the energy, power or driving force to stimulate us to follow our spiritual path with passion.

Whenever we feel lazy with lack of energy, we can invoke the first ray of light to charge us with the perfect amount of energy to lift our spirits and assist us in becoming active in our lives. The red ray of light is a powerful energy and when invoking it we must always call on the guidance of Master El Morya, ensuring that we state we wish to receive the perfect amount of this red energy for our beings and growth. Receiving too much energy from this ray could cause an imbalance. But we mustn’t be fearful when using the ray as it is vitally important for our growth. We must trust we will always receive the perfect amount of energy for our beings and journeys on the Earth.

Depending on their jobs, personalities and missions, some people will draw on the first ray of light more than others, but our mission is to integrate specifically the first three………………




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Reviews of – Twelve Rays of Light


By Eternal Student on 7 Jun. 2012

Format: Paperback Twelve Rays of Light

This is a beautiful and inspirational book. It’s actually hard to review it in the normal way, because reading this book is more a spiritual experience than a mental or analytical one.  I’ll try to give a flavour of why I’m recommending it.

I’m no expert on other writings about the twelve rays but Natalie Sian Glasson’s information seems to me to be very detailed and comprehensive. She explores the twelve rays of light, which are said to be like wavelengths of energy or consciousness forming every aspect of our existence. She also gives a very clear description of the members of the spiritual hierarchy who apparently govern this planet, overseeing each ray and guiding our progress along each of the twelve pathways. The book also refers to those beings who oversee existence at the galactic level and beyond.

This is very esoteric subject matter and it is impossible to judge whether it is ‘accurate’ by worldly methods. I can only suggest that you read each chapter with an open mind and heart. I found the chapters on each ray to be exceptional in their beauty, due to the rare and refined energy behind the words. The author has channeled much of it and has somehow succeeded in conveying the essence of concepts that are truly beyond words. If it resonates with you, you might just find yourself changed by it.

By kathryn on 19 May 2016
very interesting. incredible from one so young.

By Jennifer Heck 24 August 2018 Canada

A beautiful and inspiring book for the awakened people of earth!

This is a fantastic book that is filled with important sacred knowledge on the 12 rays of light and how to use them. I love that it includes information on the keepers of each ray as well as the applications in which these rays are to be harnessed and how you can use them to fill your life with healing. Knowing how to harness these rays of light is essential to any lightworkers mission here during these times. I definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking the path to ascension.

By Elly Ro 27 January 2017 Canada

I’m really enjoying learning how to deepen my awareness to the ascended masters.


By Tammy Schwartz  20 August 2012  United States

 Natalie is A BRIGHT Light, Illuminating the Way for Others

The Twelve Rays of LIGHT is well written and consist of VERY meaningful and important information. I applaud Natalie’s efforts to bring this information into the physical plane. I look forward to her future works!

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