Master Kuthumi

Recorded Online Webinar Workshop Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Activating Chakras Master KuthumiMaster Kuthumi channeled through Natalie Glasson wishes to gather people together at this sacred time to bring a greater focus to their soul energy.

Living in 2012, we have a greater responsibility for our own spiritual growth, although we will always be assisted by our guides and the Creator, we will require more than ever the support and intuition of our soul. Your soul is your essence, your truth and your Creator aspect, Master Kuthumi wishes to align your soul to the new energies of 2012 while offering wonderful techniques to aid the development of your soul and your own understanding.

Master Kuthumi will create a safe haven for you to embrace the truth of your soul, its wisdom, divine guidance and presence. Your soul holds so many memories from past lifetimes as well as being able to see the larger picture of your pathway upon the Earth. With Master Kuthumi, you will be encouraged to explore your soul to require all the necessary alignments, understandings, connections and knowledge to assist your growth in 2012.

All are welcome to join, whether you have an understanding of your soul or not, you will be encouraged to open your heart and reveal the truth of your soul to yourself for your greater ascension on the Earth.


Recorded Audio 2 hour 07 mins


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Master Kuthumi


Master Kuthumi is a much loved Ascended Master by many because of his gentle, warm, loving, supportive and joyful vibration as well as his wisdom and powerful ability to guide and to aid channelling abilities. He has existed on the Earth in many lifetimes such as Pythagoras, a wise man at the birth of Jesus, a disciple of Jesus and Saint Francis of Assisi.

He previously worked as the Chohan and overseer of the second ray of light ashram, he now works as the World Teacher alongside Master Jesus. Existing upon Sirius within the Great White Ascended Master Brother and Sisterhood Lodge, he continues to share his wisdom overseeing the spiritual education of all being.

Kuthumi supports your soul in discovering and creating your journey of spiritual awakening, education, activation, illumination and enlightenment. He is a wonderful guide to call upon if wishing to advance your spiritual education, develop your channelling ability and to simply aid in any area of your spiritual reality. He teaches that through love wisdom is born.

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