Truth Awakening & Recoding for 2013 & Beyond
With the Ascended Master Brothers and Sisters of Light

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Day 2- Feminine Vibration Focus

Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Archangel Faith, Lady Portia

Mp3 files in a zipped file. In 5 sections

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Prepare for a spiritual energetic ride of a lifetime with the Ascended Masters!

Balance your Masculine and Feminine vibrations while bringing balance to the Earth
Natalie invites you to join her and the Ascended Masters for two Workshop of powerful meditations, activations, alignments and the sharing of divine wisdom with the purpose of awakening and consciously bringing forth the truth within your being. The Ascended Masters are collaborating and uniting their energies in order to support the amazing growth that is truly awakening within your being in this new phase of Ascension. Truth could be described as being actively conscious, the masters encourage you to be active in your conscious discovery, expression and realisations of your spiritual self and soul. Maybe you long to hold a deeper connection with yourself, spirit, soul, essence, the Ascended Masters and the Creator? The Masters wish to assist you, re linking your energies with numerous ashrams, sacred sources and consciousness of the inner planes and Creator’s universe. Awaken your energies, make connections that will fuel your current growth and create a space of sacred realisation, this is how the Masters wish to serve you. The awakening of truth is to flow consciously deeper into the light within your being drawing all that you are and are co creating with the Creator into physical manifestation and embodiment.

The Masters wish to support you as you navigate your way through your spiritual growth and reality on the Earth, sharing with you what they feel is needed to support your evolution. Day 1 is guided by Masters of a masculine vibration while day two is guided by Masters of a feminine vibration; this is with the intention of bringing balance to the masculine and feminine energies within your being and upon the Earth. You may feel guided to attend one day as maybe this is the energy vibration where healing and balancing is needed or you may wish to attend both workshop days in order to fully experience and embody with balance the God and Goddess energies of the Creator.


Day 2 Truth Awakening & Recoding for 2013 & Beyond

This workshop day will comprise of the energies and guidance of Mother Mary, Lady Portia, Archangel Faith and Lady Quan Yin and others as they guide you in key activations,

Workshop content may vary due to all material being channelled


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