Transforming Fear: The Ultimate Enlightenment

Release the Influence of Fear and Reclaim Your Power

Make A Difference to Your Reality/Ascension and Change the World!

With Saint Germain and Lady Portia

Fear has been present upon the Earth and within the consciousness of humanity for some time, although it doesn’t have to be this way! Fear is a natural aspect of existence on the Earth and yet it is being energised so greatly causing mistrust, chaos, and separation. Humanity is choosing to energise, empower and embody fear. Certain situations, experiences, people and schemes in your personal reality and the world can create reactions of fear within you. These are well established energy pathways within your body, mind, and emotions that have been empowered by you and previous generations. Your body, mind, and emotions can run on autopilot because of the deeply engrained presence of fear. Thus, you find yourself being susceptible or swept away in a current of fear, even when you wish to focus on love, peace and centring your awareness within your being.

As more people on the Earth accept the light of the Creator, fear is flowing to the surface of your being and the Earth to be acknowledged as an illusion and released. Thus, creating a sense and experience of freedom to be an expression of the Creator. A purging of fear from your being and Mother Earth is needed at this time before fear gains too much energy and emphasis. The light of the Creator also needs space to expand and anchor.

You cannot erase fear completely, however, you can empower your inner truth and sacred wisdom, taking back your power and clarity to exist in a way that is aligned with your heart.

In this webinar series, Lady Portia, Saint Germain and Natalie will explore with you the power of fear, how to disempower fear, how to reclaim and empower your inner truth, how to live in a society focused on fear and how to support Mother Earth in releasing stagnant and active fear.

It is time to be of service to yourself and the world. Fear is a control used by others and yourself to separate you from the truth of the Creator. Make 2020 the year when you reclaim your potential and relationship with the Creator, projecting it into your reality for fulfilling experiences.


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