With Mary Magdalene

Recording of Online Webinar Workshop Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Mary MagdaleneYou will be guided to experience advanced techniques and practise of transformation with Mary Magdalene focusing upon a deep cleansing to erase fear, separation, past programming and blockages. Mary will guide in awakening the channels of life force energy within your being, rejuvenating the physical body, awakening your ascension body template, dissolving the programming of ageing and energising your entire energy body systems and networks. She will assist in energising and expanding your twelve chakras as well as planting ascension and Christ seeds to bring greater alignment and unity with the Creator. Such processes of transformation allow for your entire being including your physical body and mind to awaken to an ability to hold greater volumes of light, experiencing a deeper sense of your own limitless creation and self-expression as well as the new sense of the divine presence which is your truth.


Recorded Audio 2 hours 28 mins


£5.00 for One Part Webinar

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Mary Magdalene


Lady Nada is the higher aspect of Mary Magdalene who existed on the Earth during the lifetime of Jesus/ Yeshua. She was the partner of Jesus/Yeshua and supported him through his lifetimes and purpose. She is often discredited however she was and is a powerful aspect of the Divine Goddess energy, the Christ Consciousness and is an Ascended Master. Her knowledge is immense concerning Ascension, Mystery School Teachings, Mastery, Healing and Goddess Teachings. She is a very beautiful, pure and loving soul

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