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Lady Portia and the Violet FlameLady Portia and the Violet Flame

Transform and Explore Your Divine Truth with the Violet Flame

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect and commune with Lady Portia accessing her energy, consciousness and guidance to support your own healing, awakening and deepening ascension process.

Lady Portia wishes to share with you how she is supporting your ascension and the evolution of the Earth from her role as overseer/ Chohan of the 7th Ray of Light. Lady Portia is a powerful source of transformation, holding the consciousness and abilities of Saint Germain, her divine masculine twin, she embodies and radiates the abundance and power of her divine feminine essence.
Lady Portia is currently acting as the overseer of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Transformation; a consciousness of immense purification which can support you in returning to your divine truth. The Violet Flame dissolves illusions of all forms, promotes healing and awakening, refines your alignment with the Creator; brings forth greater clarity and so much more. Lady Portia wishes to support you in exploring and understanding the purpose, vibration and presence of the Violet Flame in your reality and the Earth’s ascension while also sharing with you new tools and ways of connecting with and experiencing the blissful gifts of the Violet Flame. This is a magnificent opening of working with the Flame of Light, learning new ways and techniques of enhancing its presence and influence in your spiritual evolution. Lady Portia will speak of the diverse aspects of the Flame while guiding you in experiencing its transformational vibrations for yourself and to support the healing of Mother Earth.
The Earth and all of humanity are evolving moving into vibrations of love, now is the time to focus upon transformation and purification to free yourself from the debris of your past and the past consciousness of humanity. Let Lady Portia create a deep-seated sense of freedom within your being which continues to transform and expand.
Join Lady Portia, the Violet Flame Consciousness and Natalie for a deeply transformational experience!

Recorded Audio Part 1 with Lady Portia 1 hour 25mins

Recorded Audio Part 2 with Lady Portia 1 hour 34mins

Recorded Audio Part 3 with Lady Portia 1 hour 26mins

£25.00 for Three Part Webinar

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Lady Portia is the twin flame or feminine aspect of St Germain, she is the overseer or chohan of the 7th Ray of Light of a violet colour and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Her purpose is to aid transformation, dawning of new eras, magic, manifestation and awakening psychic abilities. Portia is a mystical, inspirational  and powerful lady able to support and assist any spiritual evolution or development. Lady Portia is a member of the Board of Karma supporting soul’s in letting go of any karmic energies. She is an Ascended Master, Goddess and powerful guide to your spiritual advancement.

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