Three Stage Soul Group Activation within the Crystalline Healing Temple

With the Crystalline Consciousness

Heal bonds with your Soul Group, awaken the presence of your Soul Group within you and benefit from the liberation of your Soul Group

Accompanied by Natalie’s Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Video and Audio Channeled Webinar Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Part 1 is available NOW

Part 2 is available NOW

Part 3 is available NOW

This is a pre- recorded webinar series as Natalie is on maternity leave. In this webinar you can watch Natalie channel as she makes her webcam live!

In this Masterclass you will work closely with The Crystalline Consciousness who are powerful and pure healers, existing on the inner planes, they anchor into the physical crystals upon the Earth. The Crystalline Consciousness are multifaceted expressions of the Creator’s purity, power and truth. Their energy is awe-inspiring, breath-taking and of a high vibrational frequency. The Crystalline Consciousness wish to introduce you to their Crystalline Healing Temple on the inner planes inviting you to experience healing and activations within their temple and with their support. Their healing and activations will be focused upon your physical being and presence, your soul and your Soul Group. They wish to support your integration and bonding with your Soul Group, supporting you in communicating, connecting with and experiencing your Soul Group with greater depth. With greater communication so you will be able to understand your Soul Group, accessing the wisdom, purpose and guidance of your Soul Group. As you awaken the presence of your Soul Group within your being and reality so you will be given the opportunity to support and aid the ascension and liberations of your Soul Group. Thus, observing the ascension process and pathway of your Soul Group and downloading the vibrational transformation into your being.

Natalie will channel the Crystalline Consciousness in this deeply healing and awakening process accompanied by Natalie’s Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Watch Natalie Channel and play the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls!

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