Anchoring Light Bodies to Access Wisdom for Self and All

With Commander Ashtar and the Andromedans

Saturday 27th June 2020, Time: 1pm – 3.30pm (with 10 mins interlude)

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop

Online Workshop Replay             £30.00

Join the new movement and ascension shift taking place on the inner planes. The Light Shift Program is being instigated by Commander Ashtar and the Andromedans especially designed to transform the Earth and her humanity. Often ascension shifts travel through the Universe of the Creator and benefit the Earth, this program is specifically designed for your ascension and to aid all on the Earth connected to the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. Travelling to Commander Ashtar’s Spaceship on the inner planes you will join the team to activate, anchor and put into motion the Light Shift Program. This program is designed to create a collective ascension and shift in light vibration, empowering the presence, wisdom, and influence of light within yourself and many. 

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