Plan with Your Soul Your Divine Fulfilment and Ascension Pathway on the Earth

With Lord Melchizedek Supported by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

SATURDAY 2nd January 2021  -  3.30pm – 4.05pm GMT

Do you know what you want to create for 2021? Do you know the opportunities available to you from the essence of your soul? Now is the time to allow your soul to influence your experiences positively, powerful, and peacefully for 2021.

Lord Melchizedek channels supported by the energies of the Andromedans to guide your soul forth into greater embodiment for 2021. As a collective they share with you techniques to embody your soul and plan with your soul creations for fulfilling experience in 2021. Your soul wishes to be of greater influence and impact in your life and spiritual evolution, guiding you forth, creating plans to support your fulfilment on the Earth and your ascension.

Lord Melchizedek shares a technique to dissolve all that hinders and limits you in experiencing your dreams and desires on the Earth, allowing your soul to paint your reality with you for the highest purpose for all.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with your soul, discovering what your soul wishes to create for your life, ascension, and your service to the Earth.  You are guided to share a gift to Mother Earth and all beings to support others in creating with joy from their soul in their reality and ascension pathway.

The New Earth Ascension Blueprint cleared the pathway forth for magnificent experiences to manifest in 2021, now there is a need to resonate on a deeper level with your soul, asking questions of your soul as to how to live and exist in this new world that is unfolding for you and all on the Earth.

Join Lord Melchizedek and Natalie supported by the frequency of the Andromedans to listen to your soul and create your divine fulfilment on the Earth.

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