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“I am tremendously blessed to have come across Natalie and the School of OmNa just recently. After listening to and purchasing many sacred activations and meditations, there is not one that has not greatly impressed me with its beauty and transformational ability. Natalie’s channeling is superb, and what comes through always feels perfectly loving and exact. I usually for whatever reason do not resonate too strongly with a lot of channeled material, but the School of OmNa is a huge exception in that regard. I am so blessed to be able to receive such quality assistance from the Masters, Archangels, and other divine beings through Natalie. I feel my deep aspirations for such grace and assistance has been answered through this sacred school. Many thanks and much love to you!”

Thanks Very Much!


‘Natalie has a wonderful and unusual gift to channel so many different beings and races from so many different dimensions.  In working with her, I have found that her deep humility allowed me to express and work through aspects of my ego without being judged; in my experience I have found few that are able to do this.’

Marcus White, M.A. Oxon.

Hi Natalie,
Lovely to connect with you today too. Thank you for such an awesome channeled session…so much incredible knowledge and wisdom came through and the energies felt incredible. I am so grateful to you and Lord Melchizedek. Thank you also for sending the recording.
Ali  UK


And I thank you and your guides for the guidances and bliss we have received during the last year and we are worth to receive along our continuing path of devoting (to) love, discipline and perseverance!

Paul   Belgium


Many thanks for all you beautiful channeled messages, it is with much joy and anticipation I read your messages,

sometimes they seem to come when I am in need of a spiritual lift or am seeking an answear or assurance, and there it is. so once again thank you, Natalie, ascended Masters and Archangels, Looking forward to 2015 thank you again.

Many Blessings



Thank you for making 2014 one of the best years for me. Your work is Uplifting, Inspiring, Empowering, Fulfilling-  the most beautiful adjectives do not begin to describe what it means to me.  Thank you for being here, willing and able to do this work.
Infinite Love and Blessings.
Naade   UK



I bow in deep reverence & thanks to you!! This prayer & these affirmations are such a previous

New Yrs gift !!

Sooo much gratitude!!



You have been truly inspirational and have assisted many as well as my own spiritual growth – more than you might imagine.




Thank You for the Lord Melchenzeck and Master Jesus Workshop.. Totally blew my socks off and so so glad I did this.. beyond beautiful..

I greatly appreciate all your channeling and capsules.. They have helped me much..

With Much Love to You,

Fiona.. xxx


Dear beloved Natalie,

Thank you so so so very much for this msg and perfect desired invocation coming through you from our beloved AA Metatron. Thank you for your endless blessed work of love and light that encompass us all.May your new year will be full with love, light and abundance of all that you ask for.

Thank you from my open heart.


Lea.  UK


Dear Natalie,

I would like to wish for you a magical and beautiful new year!

Love, good health and joy be with you in every moment!

I really appreciate your work, channelings and newsletters,

they are mean a lot to me. I wish to thank for you very very much!





Oh Natalie, I thank you everyday for the the beautiful divine energies, messages, and gifts you bring forward! You are a pure channel of light and I send deep gratitude for your work, for the guidance and upliftment you bring into our world

Blessed Be

Love, Ruthanne



Hello Natalie,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this class.

Your description of channeling has inspired me greatly, coupled with Master Kuthumi’s guidance. As I listened to you describe and share the reasons for channeling, tears welled up inside me as it touched a deeper purpose within. I loved the process that Master Kuthumi gave us. The whole class was the most comprehensive description I have ever heard regarding channeling.

I am so grateful and inspired. I look forward to the following to seminars. Unfortunately, I’m not able to listen live tomorrow but the replays are sublime, in the no time zone. Thank you Natalie, for your intelligent articulation of this process and for all that you bring to the journey ahead. I am so excited.

Your clarity, articulation, pure heart and complete lack of ego are so refreshing. I absolutely love the quality and essence of your voice. It is so calming, inviting and the easiest voice I have ever listened to on the planet. I think I could listen to it for eternity, haha.

Golden light,




Dear Natalie Janice and Neal,

Thank you so so much for such a special weekend, so powerful and so full.

I am in awe of what you achieve in your workshops and the biggest understatement

I have heard is when someone in the front row said ” for a tiny person you bring forward

so much energy” and you replied ” I don’t do much ” . It made me smile…

Your connection is getting stronger and stronger and its a joy to attend your workshops.

Linda who attended with me thoroughly enjoyed it too and plans to attend the next one at

Glastonbury, (not so keen to attend London as she doesn’t like the energies of big cities)

otherwise I think she would be a regular attendee.

Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing time in Glastonbury and look forward to catching up

with you at the next one.

Love and Blessings,

Eleanor   UK


Thank you, Natalie, Janice and Neal for supporting us all last weekend in
Glastonbury. I always feel privileged and appreciated being there and
never ceased to be amazed at your abilities.
I felt very tingly throughout the workshop especially around the 3rd eye
area and pain which I often have in my sacral felt pulled out.
It was lovely seeing you all.

Thanks again,
Many many blessings

Margaret.   UK


I was Divinely guided to your website.  Your channelings and meditations are wonderful and I purchased your beautiful Learn to Channel from Kuthumi.  He guides and teaches us so well and with such clarity and patience

Thank you so much Dear One.  I am overflowing and expanding with Love.

Diane   Australia


Testimonial for recorded workshop

So grateful for your workshops, Divine Magic and Christ Incarnate. Wow, what a beautiful work and service you deliver. So pure and filled with love and light, joy and wisdom. When I listened I was with you all in the room, so present the Energies are at the recording. And your singing bowls,……..cosmic sounds all over the place and within.

The workshops for me are life changing, a deep healing process is happening within for which I longed for a long long time. At the right time right place these jewels (diamonds) came to me.

I hope one day I can come to UK and join you with the group, but for now this is for me the way, here at home where I live in the Netherlands.

I honestly must say that a deep and sincere Love from within my heart and soul was felt just

for you Natalie, I embrace you as a sister so near and dear.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

loving light blessings to You and to all the Masters


Sarah-Maria   Netherlands


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