Frequently Asked Technical Questions Which May Be of Assistance,Technical Questions Frequently Asked

Q. Why are the some email’s I receive from you in a block form of the layout with no gaps or paragraphs?

A. All email’s are sent as an HTML document so if your browser is set up to only accept text or reject HTML then this block format is what will be viewed. You can change the settings in your browser to accept HTML.

Q. Why do I not receive an email when I subscribe to your Free Weekly Messages?

A. If you have an email blocker on your system the email can not get through also you may have entered your email address incorrectly. If you haven’t received an email after an hour please sign up with a different address.

Q. Which download would be best for me to purchase?

A. There are a variety of downloads to choose from, but it is most important that you follow your own guidance and intuition, as only you know what is best for you. Just take a few moments to relax and breath deeply and ask your intuition and the Creator to guide you to the most appropriate download or meditation for you. Go with what feels best to you.


Q. Why have I not received the download I purchased?

A. Sometimes our email with your download can take 24 hours to reach you, however in most cases they are instantly received. If you have not received your download purchase please first check your spam and trash folders and then email Natalie and the download will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Q. I have not received my webinar link and the webinar is about to start, what should I do?

A. Please simply contact Natalie and the webinar link will be sent to you, even after the webinar has begun.

Technical Questions

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