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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

My dear most beloved brothers and sisters, I am Master Jesus and I come forward to you with a special wisdom which I hope that you will absorb, accept and acknowledge as truth. I share with you my deepest of joy and delight at being able to connect so beautifully with you now.

To connect with the energy of the Creator especially when it is within another is the greatest of blessings and allows for such tremendous growth. We all have the power together to amplify the light of the Creator so magnificently until light is all that we can see, breathe, hear and feel. When we see or understand the Creator within ourselves and acknowledge the Creator in others then we are holding up mirrors to each other to understand the magnificence of the Creator. We are essentially reflecting the light of the Creator backwards and forwards, out into the atmosphere, allowing it to build and build to the most glorious energy. Every person is acting as a mirror, radiating the light of the Creator so fully and powerfully. Even when you are focusing within your being, you are reflecting light because it naturally radiates from the truth that you hold. I stand here as a mirror for you, look or feel deeply into my energy and you will see yourself existing so beautifully, purely and lovingly. I always see myself and my truth in those that I work with on the Earth, because I am searching for the presence of the Creator and always find it within each of you. We are all the Creator on the Earth and so can act as reflections of light.

Many channellings at this current time speak of love and fear, they explain how love must be energised and heightened while fear must be eradicated and dissolved, allowing suffering to be an energy of the past. When we are speaking of love and fear we must remember that we are simply speaking of energies. Visualising love and fear as energy allows us to realise that they hold power but this power is activated by us, we direct the energies, give the energies purpose and a role in our realities. To allow the energy of love to descend into your being from the soul of the Creator is uplifting, transformational and blissful, when you accept the energy of love and then use it as a tool, force or power you can achieve so much with the energy of love; it becomes healing, wise, enlightening and connective. When we ask to receive the energy of fear it has the opposite effect on our bodies and frame of mind, taking us into a negative, low and heavy way of living. You may have notice that I stated that when you ask to receive fear, this may seem an odd comment but it is the truth. You always ask to experience fear, it is never thrust upon you, and you always call the energy of fear in and accept it, because no person but you can cause you to feel fearful. Even when you are holding the energy of fear and it is lowering your energy vibration, you still recognise it as a power that you can weld in whichever way you wish but it is usually to cause more self pain.

Truthfully love and fear are the same energies with different intentions when you view them in this way you understand how fear can be easily transformed into love. This is the process that is occurring on the Earth now. Every person who holds the desire in their heart to master their being, to live in a world of love and to become one with the Creator is now accepting the process or challenge of converting all fears into love. Suffering in all its forms is now being seen as an old energy of the past that is no longer relevant or conducive to the human or soul way of life. It is important to take note of the channels that speak of fear and love as they will come forward in greater number to remind humanity of the task in hand, to offer guidance and inspiration. When you begin to see that the world is speaking more of love than fear you will realise that the Era of Love is upon you.

My message to you today is to change the way that you look upon fear, suffering, pain and negative habits. View them as an energy. Then view them as an energy that can be transformed into love. Finally view them as an energy that can be let go of or an object that can be put down and forgotten about with ease. Imagine that fear, negativity, pain and suffering of any form is like an apple! I could describe the energy as a knife or a dirty cloth but that is adding to the negativity of the fear. To imagine fear as an apple or any kind of fruit is to realise that the fear doesn’t threaten or harm you it is just present.

You are naturally a positive, loving and blissfully joyous being of light. To exist as love is the only way that you really know how to live and breathe because every aspect of your being was created from love. Even a person with a really dark and negative energy was created from love and so therefore love is their natural energy and way of being, they have just forgotten this and become distracted.

Please remember this that a person holding onto fear is a person who is naturally loving but has become distracted or has just forgotten their centre, their truth.

We very rarely think of negative people as holding onto this fear or being distracted by the fear but it is true and this is why we must offer our compassion and love to all. To exist with fear is to be lost or confused. The way of love is so strong and yet we can be easily distracted from love by other fearful thoughts or reactions.

When you see yourself as a naturally loving person, a beacon of light, then you realise that you have taken on fears, negativity, emotional pain and habits that cause suffering. You have accepted them and now hold them. Imagining yourself as a pure being of love you have then walked along a road, seen an apple and pick it up. You have taken hold of the apple; it has become your possession. The apple is a positive representative of negativity.

Once you have hold of the apple, it becomes very important to you, it is almost as if you love the apple. You hold it where you can see it; you make sure that you acknowledge the apple, that you give it your attention and time. Your mind is focused upon the apple and becomes distracted from the loving nature that is your being. The apple never becomes a part of you, you just hold onto it tightly, bringing your attention back to it often to energise and nourish the apple. Any negativity that you activate or experience in your reality adds to the size and power of the apple, until you are beginning to imagine yourself not as a human being but as an apple walking on the Earth. Now I know that this sounds amusing that your physical body would transform into an apple, but actually to some extent it is laughable because we take on the negativity as if it is our truth and wear it with pride, it becomes our new identity.
Ourselves existing as an apple becomes all that we can see or comprehend and we begin to live a false life not acknowledging our truth or the love that we are. The important understanding to remember is that you are holding onto the apple, the apple isn’t holding onto you. You have the power and can drop the apple whenever you wish to; you can simply let it roll away from you, without any pain or care. You can of course thank and bless yourself and the apple for the learning and understanding that has been given.

When you begin to analyse fear and suffering in this way you realise how powerless fear is, it is only you that gives the fear power, you open the door and welcome it with open arms, encouraging it to make its self comfortable within you. As a being of pure light, you don’t have to open the door to fear and you can just let go of all fear and pain from the past. It doesn’t make your life any better by holding onto the pain, nor does it punish anyone who may have been involved in causing you fear or pain. Now is the time to let go of the pain forever and set yourself free, to exist as an expansive and limitless being of light.

You can of course sit in meditation asking to let go of all unneeded negativity and fears from your past and present but it is important to be aware of letting go of fears and pain as you journey through your day. Do not allow yourself to pick up the apples that may tempt you. It is not so much that you are tempted by negativity but that you have adopted a habit of collecting negativity. Please observe the word, you are essentially collecting negativity but you can transform this and collect the love of the Creator, sharing it as a vibrant beacon of light to all.
So when you notice yourself thinking negatively, rerunning a negative memory in your mind, taking on the fear of another or becoming fearful, stop yourself, take a few deep breathes, realise and observe what is happening and imagine it as an apple and drop or throw it away. Then distract your mind or bring yourself back to your centre with loving thoughts or mantras.

If you can master this habit you will begin to transform fear into love and bring your attention away from fear into the loving presence of your being. This is what many mean when they say, remember who you are, discover your truth, be a beacon of love, recognise the Creator presence within you.

I wish to thank you for your time and creating a space in your energy and life for me to share my thoughts; you are greatly appreciated and honoured.

With love as always, my beloved brothers and sisters,

I am Master Jesus

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