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Recorded Masterclass

Mother Mary

Navigating the World and Your Ascension

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Mother Mary brings forth a communication abundant with tools and guidance to aid your ascension currently. She wishes to encourage you to acknowledge the next steps forth you can take to accelerate your ascension while demonstrating how world situations can create an ascension shift within your being. Mother Mary wishes to remind you of how your power is a catalyst for ascension in the world, thus helping you to navigate painful or negative situations with greater ease.

Mother Mary will bring forth the Archangels to share a special meditation of Creator quality embodiment which can support your inner healing, cleansing, awakening and wisdom development.

Mother Mary gifts you the tool of a mantra to further your mastery of your spiritual journey and physical reality on the Earth. She wishes to support you in feeling more grounded, anchored, and able to express your authentic self and truth with ease and confidence. Mother Mary will enable you to move into a space of understanding yourself with greater wisdom and intuition as well as how to be of service in your world around you.

Join Natalie and Mother Mary to discover how to navigate your world and ascension while grounding fully into your soul, Creator self and ascension. 






Available 21st December 2021

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Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here

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