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Lord Melchizedek

Ascension Gift 1 – The Journey of 2021 by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved beacons of light, I am Lord Melchizedek, and it is an honour to be in your presence. In fact, it is an honour to be in your light, it is your light and your presence that are key at this time of ascension. As we move into the year that you label 2021, I wish to offer some insights as to where to place your attention and also to encourage you to understand that which the energies are encouraging you to experience and to embody. The Creator is constantly expressing and transferring vibrations of light, inspiration, wisdom, and enlightenment into your being to support your progress through the ascension process and in fact, creating the ascension process.

The vibrations and frequencies the Creator shares changes and transforms. This is why it is easy when we take a period of time, a year, for us to express the energies that will influence and impact your being and what you are guided to experience in order to benefit from the energies and the ascension process you will move through automatically, whether you understand it or not. This is the same for every being. It is so much easier to move through the ascension process when you have some insight, some understandings.

For the journey of 2021, there are a few points that I wish to encourage you to remember and to retain in your mind as you move through different experiences. In this year, the energies encourage you to gaze deep within your being, to gaze deeper than ever before. This can be both challenging and uncomfortable, inspirational, and empowering. To gaze deeper than you have ever gazed before, to really focus and concentrate your attention on the vibration, the constant pulsation of truth that moves from within your being, filters into your body, your auric field and your reality. It is for you to notice the pulsation of truth, the energy of truth that is waiting to emerge, and is already flowing.

The more you connect into the vibration of truth, the more you will recognise it, bringing it into your awareness, actions, reactions, and creations. Gazing within your being allows you to recognise the divine Creator, to develop your relationship with the divine Creator and realise yourself as an expression of the divine Creator. It allows you to recognise Illusions, blockages, and stories that you are holding onto. These Illusions, blockages and stories keep you grounded in the same place as you are now. When you allow yourself to heal the wounds that are necessary, to release or see through the illusion, to see the truth as if the veil is lifted, then you allow the truth to emerge and yourself to move beyond your comfort zone. You allow yourself to transform, to achieve and create new limitless, empowering and fulfilling experiences.

You may recognise throughout 2021, that your attention be drawn within your being to communicate with your inner divine and truth. It will also be drawn to Illusions, blockages, and stories that require to be released and healed. It may be that 2021 is a very enlightening experience or a very purifying experience, or a mixture and blend of both. You may recognise that certain situations and experiences in your reality come into your reality for you to gaze within. I, Lord Melchizedek, encourage you to approach every situation, scenario, and circumstance by first gazing within, first asking within your being:

What does my truth want me to know?

What Illusions, blockages and stories need to be released, before I investigate the outer world, and create any form of action?

The more this becomes a habit, the more it will become your natural embodiment, allowing for everything to flow with greater ease and divine presence.

Examine the Divine Flow

It is important in your journey of 2021 to examine your life, to examine yourself and to recognise where the divine flow of the Creator is not present. This may be an area that is stuck, that you are having frustration, anger, or something that simply is not moving forward. It can be something within your being, your personality, something you are trying to create or an experience in your reality. When the divine flow of the Creator is in action everything flows easily and effortlessly, is guided, and creates fulfilment.

I, Lord Melchizedek invite you to examine your reality, your being and what you wish to create.

See the areas where you are blocked, stuck and stagnant. Recognise that the divine flow of the Creator is not present or more so that you are not allowing the divine flow of the Creator to be present. Recognise that when the divine flow of the Creator is present everything flows easily, it manifests easily with fulfilment and happiness manifesting as well.

Then imagine what it would be like to experience the divine flow in that situation, that experience whatever it may be. Imagine the energy of the Creator, the light of the Creator filling your being, filling the situation whatever it is. Imagine everything coming together, everything manifesting easily and not only easily but better than you ever could have imagined. See, sense, and acknowledge yourself being fulfilled, feeling happy that not only you benefit but everyone else benefits as well.

By imagining this you are allowing, creating an opening, and awakening for the divine flow of the Creator to flow. The divine flow of the Creator will flow in that situation the more you imagine it, especially for the first couple of days, you will be bringing healing to that part of your reality. It may be that you only need to imagine it once, maybe three times or maybe more, you will know when you feel it is embodied because you will feel the divine flow of the Creator, things will begin to shift and alter within your reality and also within your circumstances. You will simply recognise the divine flow of the Creator pulsating throughout your being, this will be so important for 2021. It may be that you need to bring the divine flow of the Creator not only to your reality and circumstances but to the reality and circumstances upon the Earth, to create a clearing, and bring an anchoring of the Creator.

Something else that I wish for you to focus upon and feel as beneficial in 2021 is bringing your divine presence into action. This can also be coupled with co-creating with the Creator. Meaning that action and the divine presence of the Creator must merge and integrate. I, Lord Melchizedek, wish to make it clear there cannot be one without the other. You cannot feel the presence of the Creator and your divine inner presence, whatever you wish to label it, and not act. You cannot act without acknowledging, connecting, engaging or communicating with your divine presence within. You may recognise that sometimes you experience the energy of the Creator or your divine self flowing through you and then when you enter into your reality, it is no longer. Maybe you take action, action inspired by the mind, by past experiences and yet you do not ask the divine presence within you to inspire, to guide and be present within your action, whatever your action maybe.

This is a wonderful statement:

Divine presence be present in my actions now, divine presence be present in my actions now.

Simply by repeating the statement you create a new action or a new creation, you are not only merging your divine presence, divine experience, and action together, you are also co-creating with the Creator. Remember when I speak of action it can be anything small from walking, talking, creating a project, communicating, to a creative expression.

The Creator throughout the energy of 2021 is inviting you to co-create. This means that you may be inspired to create something that is not necessarily along the pathway you envision for yourself or maybe it is. It is important to be open to the divine guidance within you and the direction that this divine guidance takes you. It is important to trust in that divine guidance and allow yourself to co-create with the Creator, even if it is something you feel is not quite along your pathway. The Creator wishes to expand your future, expand your experiences, expand your dreams, and so may wish to guide you in a different direction in order for you to experience a greater fulfilment.

Allow yourself in meditation or quiet time to simply say:

I am one with the Creator, together we co-create.

I am one with the Creator, together we co-create.

Repeat this statement until you really feel it, you really embody it and really believe it.

This will support you in navigating through your journey of 2021. I invite you to let go of all perceptions, all perspectives that you created through my communication, through the communications of others, and your own beliefs about 2021 because it is a clear canvas for you to create. A canvas for you to co-create with the Creator.

I, Lord Melchizedek, am present to be of service.

I thank you,

Lord Melchizedek

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The 144

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Ascension Gift 1 – The Journey of 2021 by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings to all beings on the Earth traveling through their ascension process. We are a collective, we are an energy, we are the 144. We are an expression of infinity and we are an expression of the love of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness. Many of us have existed upon the Earth. We have moved through the ascension process and yet we access our higher forms and divine self, existing as one, a collective of energy, an expression of the Creator.

We, the 144 come forth to you now. We wish to share with you a new awakening process that we are instigating, we are energising, amplifying, and extending or transmitting throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, and especially for the Earth. We call this awakening process the Golden Stream of Awakening, this is the highest vibration of Christ Consciousness. It is important to realise that Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion nor Master Jesus. Christ Consciousness is the expression of love, the purest expression of love from the Creator. It is a vibration, frequency, and sound, it brings forth healing, illumination and enlightenment. We are sending this as a stream of golden liquid light. Imagine this stream of liquid golden light akin to rain flowing over and through your being, like the most beautiful waterfall cascading in all directions.

This energy is cascading into your being, into the earth, into all aspects. Imagine everything covered in golden liquid light, it glimmers, it shimmers, it shines. Feel, sense, acknowledged the golden liquid light flowing over and through your being, every pore of your being, every cell absorbs this golden stream, every aspect of your reality, all your creations, experiences, manifestations are being filled with this golden liquid light. Everything looks beautiful, everything holds the vibration of the Creator, the essence, and the truth of the Creator. Imagine, sense, acknowledge this for a few moments, for it is the truth, the wave, the Ascension Gift we, the 144, gift to you now.

We gift this energy because we know that love is so important. We know that love is the essence of your being. In order to comfort you, to ground you, to create healing, to allow you to expand and develop into all you are, love is required and the activation of the purest vibration of love within your being is immensely required now. The love is the Christ Consciousness, it is the love that we the 144 gift with the vibration of infinity. This love is deeply important because as you experience the love, you also experience Infinity, the infinite energy and vibration of the Creator and the infinite energy and vibration of your own being. Infinity is expansive, limitless, it ensures that everything and everyone is connected. Love in many ways is the same but these two energies merged as one with intention and purpose create such a powerful surge of light, a Golden Stream of Awakening.

The Golden Stream of Awakening is for you to absorb, it is for you to gain, receive, embody, ground and to share with others. Let yourself be a beacon of Golden Light. Let yourself be like the riverbed allowing the golden river to flow. The Golden Stream of Awakening is of the purest vibration of love and infinity from us, the 144, it will increase and develop yourself love. It will support you in anchoring love into everything that you are, anchoring love and infinity into everything that you do and create.

Imagine if all your insights, inner guidance, expressions, manifestations, and actions came from this synthesis of love and infinity. What would manifest for you? What would your reality look like or be like? Is there a part of your being that resists this complete and absolute love and the purest vibration of infinity? If so, why because you are more than deserving, it is your natural existence.

Your Natural Existence

During 2021, your purpose is to return to alignment with your natural existence. The question then arises, what is normal/natural for you? What does normal/natural even mean? You might say that your reality, your perspectives, your beliefs, your opinions, your actions are all normal/natural for you. We, the 144, agree that the purest vibration of love and infinity embodied within your being, expressed through your being and everything that you are is normal/natural for you, more so than anything you experience, do, or create in your reality.

Golden Stream of Awakening can be impactful, can be the foundation of everything that you are and everything that you create. As you receive the Golden Stream of Awakening from us, the 144, it will create deep healing, deep awakening, a purification, and cleansing. This will be deeply comforting, supportive, loving, and truthful. It will feel like a warm embrace, revealing so much of yourself, knowing that you are loved and supported, and that all is well. It is a very gentle, tender, loving experience. The more you connect with the Golden Stream of Awakening, the more you will embody these energies and bring them into your reality, benefiting from the healing vibrations and the awakening.

If the Golden Stream of Awakening brings forth awakening you may wish to ask yourself. What do you wish to awaken within your own being? What do you wish to bring into action through the presence of love and infinity? We, the 144 are present to support you in your embodiment and expression of the synthesis of love and infinity. If love is infinity it has no boundaries, no limitations, no judgments. Its power is immense and that is what we wish to support you in experiencing, the power of your love. Are you ready to unlock the power of your love? Are you ready to recognise what the power of your love can bring forth and how it can be of service to you? This is what we ask of you as we bring forth the Golden Stream of Awakening.

Allow yourself to sit in meditation or quiet time. Call us first, the 144 in your own words, invite us to be present around you, feel our energy, receive our light, absorb our vibrations and invite us to gift and align you to our Golden Stream of Awakening. Allow yourself to receive the Golden Light, receive it for as long as you wish.

You may wish to affirm:

‘I am the synthesis of love and infinity.’

When you feel as if you are really connecting with that vibration of the Golden Stream of Awakening, love and infinity being present within your being, you may wish to say:

‘I unlock the power of my love. I unlock the power of my love.’ 

Without any expectations, without any judgments, simply be present and receive. This may be an ongoing experience and an ongoing realisation for you.

We love you dearly completely and absolutely.

We thank you,

We are the 144

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