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Archangel Metatron

The Sequence of Your Existence Activation by Archangel Metatron 

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings of expansion and awakening, I am Archangel Metatron. It is an honour to bring forth the expansion and awakening energies of the Creator and the Angelic Kingdom to you, in order to inspire a greater recognition of the same within you. Expansion and awakening may appear to be similar qualities and energies when embodied, however, the expansion allows you to become and embody while awakening supports a reflection deeper into yourself. Coupled together, you can dive deep into your inner truth embodying the Creator’s truth into infinity. It is this journey I bring to you and inspire from within you into manifestation. Take a moment to contemplate yourself and your journey with the presence of expansion and awakening.

I, Archangel Metatron, ignite within you the presence of expansion and awakening in order to activate the sequence of your existence. This energy is very sacred, it holds the purity of your being, the mission of your soul and accounts of every experience of your soul and soul group. Thus, it is the story of your existence, offering you the remembrance of past, present and that which you have yet to experience. The story of your soul has already been experienced by you fully and yet it hasn’t even begun! In truth, you are already the entire and complete story or experiences of your soul and soul group, which means that all memories, wisdom and information are ready for you to grasp, download and use now. Can you imagine you already know and have experienced your soul and soul groups mission on the Earth and the inner planes? You have already merged completely with the Creator and you have already been created or birthed from the Creator. You are able to experience and embody everything between these two landmarks as well in your current embodiment.

Contemplate for a moment the volume of wisdom available for you to grasp.

Contemplate the realisation you are already your soul and soul groups mission, everything they wish to embody and learn. This means that everything you could ever possibly need and require is ready and available to you.

Contemplate that you are already a part of the divine plan and have already played your sacred role. You have already completed all the missions your soul set out to engage with, embody and experience. Can you imagine you are already everything you could possibly dream of for yourself and spiritual evolution, as well as so much more that is difficult to contemplate at this moment?

When you begin to focus in this way you enter into a space of deep knowingness, nothingness and unlimited abundance within you, which further illuminated and activates your being. You move beyond a sense of yourself into an awareness of all that is possible and already created.

Everything has already been created, nothing is new. You may wish to take time to ponder this sentence, allowing awakenings to dawn within you. You may find yourself asking the question, can this always be the case? Yes, it can.
Can you imagine that within you is the understanding of the creation of the Universe and each moment of creation of your being?

It is time to shift your perspective through expansion and awakening to realise an activation is taking place within you which is allowing you to glimpse the truth of your being on all dimensions of the Creator’s Universe and beyond.

The Sequence

The truth is that there is no sequence to the existence and experiences of your soul, even when in embodiment on the Earth. Your everyday life feels like it is a series of events which have an order and cycle, yet your soul’s existence and events are occurring simultaneously. Thus, the sequence of your existence is the presence of everything you are being as one, simultaneously. The mind finds this difficult to accept as it is often programmed to accept time and the linear presence of everything. If you can gaze beyond the programming of the mind you begin to open to new understandings of your own truth and that of the Creator. This means your entire existence can be experienced in a moment or explored for a lifetime and still not fully revealed. Thus, the sequence of your existence is your simultaneous embodiment of everything that is the Creator.

You are a library of everything that is the Creator

Trust and courage are required in order to examine within you the truth of the Creator to the capacity that is available to and through you. The evaluation and embodiment of expansion and awakening support the evolution of knowingness of the truth of the Creator within you. Please invite, me, Archangel Metatron, forth to empower and amplify the qualities of trust, courage, expansion and awakening within you. As you focus upon the blossoming of these four energies within you, notice how you delve and rest deeper within your being and truth, entering a space which is deeply familiar to you and yet unknown.

I, Archangel Metatron, then invite you to request me to begin and reveal to you the Sequence of Your Existence Activation. I will do so as I invite you to focus on your breathing with your attention directed inwards. Be ready for anything which requires to be revealed to you. I, Archangel Metatron, will work with your energies to create the necessary shifts and synthesis required, especially in your perceptions of yourself. Let the activation be revealed to you in the most unique, beautiful and necessary way for you.
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to ask me to assist you in your embodiment of all that is revealed to you now and in every given moment. It is through embodiment you will recognise the true benefits of this activation.

While this activation brings numerous blessings, its greatest miracle is the growing understanding of who you are, your purpose, your mission and why you exist. Questions that often go unanswered and yet you have the capacity to bring great illumination to your being and awareness. Thus, bringing the Creator more fully into manifestation within your being, reality and the world around you. This activation brings self-awareness to a whole new level. The activation I speak of may not download fully and completely into your being instant. It is a gift that you can take time to digest, awakening your inner knowingness to the truth of All That Is. Due to the current linear programming of your mind, you may discover yourself at the birth of your existence or even the completion of your existence, able to grasp the knowledge that is needed to assist your current lifetime. There is much to explore and become aware of once more. It is important to remember that you have access to the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe of the Creator, this doesn’t mean you will receive everything that is available. You have the ability to connect with all that is the Creator, however, you will only grasp and understand that which is required and serves you to know and embody.

There is much to explore, I am present to serve, guide, reconnect and inspire you,

Archangel Metatron

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Council of 144

The Globe of Creation Activation by the Council of 144 mp3 recording

The Globe of Creation Activation by the Council of 144

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Our Definition of Creation: An energy at the core of the Creator which entwines into and through all that is the Creator, supporting the expression and manifestation of the Creator in numerous forms.

I Am the Source of Creation,

Into life I Am born,

With truth from the nucleus of the Creator I give birth to all,

I Am the Creator of all civilisations, the planets, stars and beyond,

I Am the deliverance of new dimensions, creations, healing and fulfilment,

When you work in harmony with me, I will deliver all that is needed,

What is needed now is your trust in me for I have the tools to transform all.

I Am the Globe of Creation; I Am the Creator in manifestation.

If you can see me then you can appreciate and guide all of creation.

Let our threads intertwine, for our purpose is to be one,

I Am the Globe of Creation and you are the source of one/om.

Let us breath in harmony, our combined activation creates the whole.

Greetings, we are the Council of 144, as a collective we represent every member of the Universe of the Creator. We exist at the cosmic level and yet are often recognised as the Council of 12 (the 12 core energies that are first expressed from the Creator, of which each of you pass through and are an expression of.) As the Council of 144, our purpose is to maintain the energy, frequency and vibration of creation as born from the Creator. The frequency we emanate as the 144 synthesises into many dimensions and even civilisations upon the Earth. During major ascension shifts the 144 frequency is present to support the necessary manifestations. When the 144 frequency is present in whichever form it manifests, you can be sure a powerful shift and transformation is presenting itself for all to experience. The frequency of 144 at a cosmic level is the vibration of manifestation and creation of the purest nature.

We the Council of 144 of the Cosmic Level created and gifted into the Universe of the Creator a source of light known as the Globe of Creation. This is a tool for souls to work with in order to:

  • Further understand the laws of the Universe of the Creator
  • To perfect the accuracy of manifesting from whichever dimension of the Universe of the Creator you exist at, as each dimension requires a different process
  • Download the light codes of Creation and the light DNA strands missing that support co-creation with the Creator
  • The manifestation of the Divine Plan of the Creator to continue the journey and quest of truth all are embarking upon now.

The Globe of Creation born from the source of the 144 vibration at a cosmic level is available in its energetic form for all souls to connect and work with. On first connection it will begin a deep and full reconnection and cleansing of the presence of creation within your being. Then it will magnify the energy and frequency of the Creator’s energy of creation within your entire being. Following this, the Globe of Creation will empower the presence of the Divine Plan within your being and even heal any fragmentation which may have occurred. Thus, aligning you more fully with the Divine Plan allowing it to become a powerful guiding light within your life and existence, whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes. The Globe will download the light codes of Creation and the light DNA strands missing to support your natural ability of co-creation with the Creator as well as improving your skills of manifestation and Creation. The results will be that you feel a deeper connection and intimacy with the Creator with a greater understanding of the Laws of the Universe of the Creator. You will perfect the process of creation, manifestation, expression and materialisation of the Creator at the dimensional frequency you currently reside and others as well. An understanding of the link between ascension and creation will dawn, opening up a blossoming of service to all that is the Creator.

It is enormous that the Globe is making an appearance energetically to those who are ready at accept its presence, influence and wisdom. The Globe of Creation has not energetically appeared to light workers since the fall of Atlantis.

Why has the Globe of Creation appeared now?

Humanity has now reached the light frequency necessary. In 2020 a light blaze will manifest which will enhance the light frequency of all beings, the Globe of Creation needs to be energetically present in order for the energy of creation within all souls to be magnified precisely and perfectly. A powerful synthesis will take place between the Light Blaze and the Globe of Creation, opening up a new manifestation of the Creator for all to realise and accept within themselves.

It is important to mention that you do not focus upon that which you wish to manifest or create when connecting energetically with the Globe of Creation. Instead it refines and opens your being to finetune your natural and Creator given abilities of manifestation and co-creation with the Creator. Thus, once the process is complete or integrated, that which is Creator guided will manifest with your focus and intention.

Steps for Connecting with the Globe of Creation

  1. Call upon the 144 Frequency of the Cosmic Level to download into your being with the purpose of cleansing and purifying all of your energetic systems.
  2. In your own words ask the 144 Frequency to prepare your entire being for an ascension shift, awakening and blossoming.
  3. Ask the 144 Frequency to download their energy of Creation from the Cosmic Level into your being.
  4. ‘With the support of my guides and the 144 frequency of the Cosmic Level I wish to connect from the purest essence of my being with the Globe of Creation, an energetic source gifted by the 144 Frequency to the Universe of the Creator. If it is divinely appropriate and guided by my soul, I wish to download the necessary energy from the Globe of Creation into my being to support the perfection and awakening of my creation skills and co-creation with the Creator. May I now receive all that is appropriate and guided. Thank you.’

Allow yourself to receive and experience for as long as is necessary.

  1. Ask within your being how many more times you need to connect with the energetic Globe of Creation in order for the process to be complete within you.
  2. Call for the 144 Frequency to perfect any ascension shifts that may have taken place, to ground any downloads and to synthesis the energies you have experienced with your physical being and reality. (Give yourself time to return fully into awareness and your reality.)

We, the 144 Frequency give this gift of an activation with the Globe of Creation in trust and respect of your truth,

Infinite love,

Council of 144

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