From the London UK 4th September 2011 Workshop-
Solar Energetic Alignment and Increasing Your Light Power for 2012
with Solar Logos Helios and Vesta and Ascended Masters
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson


Solar Logos or overseers Helios and Vesta hold a powerful ability of modifying, empowering and anchoring light; their own light holds immense power and radiance. Helios and Vest wish to guide you in realigning your energies with the solar levels of the Creator’s universe while sharing with you techniques that assisting you in integrating at a solar level with the Creator. They wish to assist you in connecting with the solar level through the power of your soul, using this energy to empower the presence of your soul; the very essence of your being. This process will truly allow you to understand the power that you hold in your light and energy. Comprehending the power of light is a teaching that is shared with masters who study at a solar level; it is devoid of ego but allows for a greater understanding of light. Helios and Vesta wish to assist you in connecting with the wisdom held within the sun, raise your light vibration, aid in dissolving karmic energies connected to the miss use of your power in past lifetimes as well as charging you with light. It is essential that the light that you hold is empowered by many fold as the more light you can hold as you enter into 2012 the easier it will be to remain in balance, love and following the correct path for your soul. The anchoring of light is the simplest way of achieving ascension and a deeper oneness with the Creator. Helios and Vesta wish to encourage you to experience a light filled life that is appropriate for 2012. Light will be anchored into all aspects of your being to assist in physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing which will assist in the dispersing of suffering, blockages and limitations thus promoting greater vitality and active consciousness to the entire being.


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