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Channelled Communication 1 Hour £85.00

Due to Natalie’s waiting list of approximately six months for a Channeled Communication, booking is temporarily closed so that the waiting list can be cleared. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

What to expect from a 1 Hour Personal Channeled Communication with Natalie Glasson:

Natalie’s intention for her Channeled Communication Session with you is to channel the purest vibration of light, wisdom and guidance to support you in your spiritual evolution and ascension upon the Earth. This often comes through in the form of meditations, affirmations, spiritual practices and areas to focus upon to aid your self-mastery, existence as a beacon of love and ascension process. Natalie’s mission is to support those who wish to receive guidance of how to make positive changes in their lives, taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution and moving into new states of awareness. Experiencing a Channeled Communication Session with Natalie is a deeply loving, inspiring and empowering experience where insights about your spiritual evolution are shared. Natalie’s intention is to channel the most appropriate guide for you to offer what your soul, higher aspects or the higher realms believe you need and require to support you now rather than what your personality desires to hear or feel.

During your session with Natalie the appropriate light, energy and frequency will penetrate your being with your acceptance to support inner shifts of transformation and healing. The Guide channeling through Natalie will speak continuously for the first part of your session, which can last between 20-40 mins. The remainder of the 1-hour session will allow you to ask your questions directly to the guide to receive further insights and guidance to support you.

Please hold an intent for the communication and prepare between 1- 5 questions (maximum of 5 questions) to ask the guide during the session. Please do not send your intention or questions to Natalie before the session. Please keep them safe to ask the Guide personally during the session.

Your session will be recorded by Natalie and sent via email to you as an mp3 download.

Natalie only offers two Channeled Communication Sessions a week which means that spaces are limited and there is often a waiting list.

Free Software needed Skype, /please download if you do not already have a Skype Account.

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