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There are six main levels of the Creator's Universe which are represented by a colour of light and overseen by a being of light. Each overseer of these six levels is titled a Logos when we refer to them together we entitle them Logoi. Each Logos oversees a level or expression of energy of the Creator which includes dimensions of the Creator's Universe and communities of Ascended Masters, Light Beings and Star Beings, each are supporting the vibration of the Creator's light and aiding integration for all with the Creator. . The Planetary Level is represented by a white colour and overseen by Lord Buddha, (previously by Sanat Kumara) this is the closest and most accessible level of the Creator's energy to the Earth. . Then there is the Solar Level represented by a copper golden colour and overseen by Helios and Vesta. . The Galactic Level is represented by a silver golden colour and overseen by Melchior. . The Universal Level is represented by a golden colour and overseen by Lord Melchizedek. . The Multi- Universal Level is represented by a platinum colour and overseen by Archangel Metatron. . The Cosmic Level is represented by a translucent colour and overseen by Mahatma. . Then we have the core of the Creator, once we reach the Cosmic Level we merge with the Creator completely that no aspect of ourselves exists in separation. .

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The Six Logoi- Preparations for 09/09/09  31st August 2009

Greetings and blessings to all at this most sacred and special time, we extend our love to you now and ask you to open your hearts to us as we endeavour to assist you in preparing to anchor the new energy wave anchoring onto the Earth. This is a time to be open and receptive, to be trusting and confident as it will ensure that you anchor the most appropriate level of light into your being for your reality and soul's mission on the Earth, otherwise blockages may occur that can hinder your growth and acceptance of the love of the Creator. The Earth will begin to receive an upgrade in its energy from the 3rd September 2009; this is an upgrade of love, in truth a higher vibration of love will anchor onto the Earth. When you allow yourself to be open to this upgrade of love, it is almost as the wave of love pours into your life, washes over you and lifts you up higher into the levels of the Creator's universe to accept a new vibration of light and a deeper connection with the Creator. The love of the Creator is essential for life, existence and advancement. Love exists within the oxygen that you breathe into your body, allowing your physical body that encapsulates your soul to survive on the Earth. The air that you breathe has the ability to hold vast quantities of light, love and consciousness, allowing your breathing to be sacred and a divine tool that assists spiritual development and a unique integration process with the Creator's soul. During this communication, we wish to offer you guidance and techniques that can help you in the transition period before 09/09/09 and the gradually anchoring of the energy of love from 03/09/09 to the climax at ....... Read More

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