Sirius Ashram

Sirius is one of the pathways which leads us closer to unity with the Creator and discovering our inner truth. The Sirians are an evolved civilisation of beings living on a star in the constellation Canis Major, which is approximately 8.6 light years from the Earth. They are devoting much of their energy to assisting us on the Earth with our evolution and are an influential part of the training of souls before and after they have ascended from their physical body and the Earth.

Upon Sirius, there is a university which is attended by many Ascended Masters, souls from the Earth and throughout the Creator’s universe. It is a vast training ground for souls wishing to access and experiencing their Ascended Master Consciousness as well as enlightenment. Advance Ascended Masters and Star Beings take on the role of teachers covering all forms of spiritual subjects, most beyond our imagination and yet we can all ask during meditation or sleep state to visit the university receiving wisdom to aid our spiritual growth upon the Earth. Master Kuthumi is one of the masters who is situated within the university.

The Sirians anchor the light of the Galactic Core and the Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek into their energy. The Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters is also in existence and can be visited, this is where many Ascended Masters are in residence.

Sirius Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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